Things to Consider When Choosing a Plant Pot

Plant Pot

When one decorates their house, they think of colourful paints, wall decor, and furniture. However, plants can make any corner of the house look beautiful. Even if one lives in an apartment with limited space or a home with a backyard, adding plants can bring life to the place.

Maintaining plants can become a task. However, the right first step is to choose the correct pot to store the plant to ensure its longevity. Pots can be bought from the gardening store next to you or online stores. There are even stores that sell wholesale pots at the correct prices. But choosing the right kind of planter is more than just a straightforward task. 

With so many choices, it is easy to make the wrong purchase, especially if one is just starting out. A planter not suited for the plant can cause irreparable damage to the plant. Pots that waterlog the plants or make the soil too dry can even kill the plant. 

This article talks about choosing the right pot when buying a planter. 

The key factors that need to be considered before buying a plant pot are:


Drainage is essential when it comes to plant health. Having proper drainage ensures the plants grow well. Plants need room to grow to become healthy, and the roots also need to be adequately drained so they don’t drown. Pots with proper drainage will allow the water to seep through and provide optimal drainage to the plant without drawing or drying out the roots. 


Planters made up of porous materials such as terracotta, paper, clay, or timber allow air and moisture to move through them. There are a lot of choices available when it comes to buying porous pots. One can buy it online or opt for wholesale pots that are sold at discounted prices. 

There are a lot of advantages when one opts for porous planters. They help in air circulation around the roots. Another advantage of porous planters is that they allow excess water to evaporate out of the planter through the sides. This ensures the roots aren’t soggy or too dry, ensuring the plant’s long life. 


When choosing a planter, choosing durable ones can work the best. If one wants to put the plants outside, the planter has to be able to survive heat, rain, cold, and various other weather conditions. Durable materials can ensure one doesn’t need to change the planters often. 

When choosing a durable material, one can choose fibreglass, plastic, or metal as they are weather resistant and can withstand various changes in weather conditions. 


Maintaining plants can be a task if one is always on the go and has a busy schedule. However, one can always opt for low-maintenance plants like succulents and pair them with planters requiring minimal care. If one is looking for low-maintenance pots, they can look for materials that don’t need restoring time and again. One can consider materials such as earth and wood, in that case. 

Wood planters might need maintenance annually so that they look appealing. 


If one chooses a heavy pot to house their plant, they might not be able to move it frequently. This can be a problem if one likes to move their plants from time to time. Buying a lightweight planter made of fibreglass or terracotta can help in such cases. 

These are some factors that need to be considered before buying a planter.


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