Three Most Important Factors to consider for Magento online store web hosting

Setup Magento Website TechAffinity 2 1
Setup Magento Website TechAffinity 2 1

1. Server upgrade options

Shared hosts are quite powerful now.

A rough estimate suggests that a shared hosting account should be enough to bring a properly optimized WordPress blog online for 30,000 to 40,000 unique visitors per month. In general, database connections make your server work a little harder, and the more people you have logged into your Magento Online Store web hosting services at a time, the slower the performance will be.

On a shared hosting account, things should be fine as long as you can manage to limit database connections below 20 (which is why it’s best to start with shared hosting if you’re a beginner).

Shared hosting: Less expensive, easy to maintain; limited server power and control.

VPS Hosting: More server power and control, more expensive than shared hosting.

Cloud Hosting: Extremely flexible and cost effective, a bit difficult to learn at first.

Dedicated hosting: Powerful server and full server control; requires higher cost and skills.


If you expect your Magento Online Store to be bigger in the next two or three years, you should consider choosing a host that provides you with a place to grow, that is, one that will be able to offer you better plans. It can be an upgrade from shared hosting to a private or dedicated virtual server, for more processing power, more memory capacity, and disk storage and maybe even enhanced security functions.

Board:  Accommodation recommended with hosting plans VPS / Dedicated: Insomniac, Plaenthoster A2 Hosting, In Motion Hosting, and Site Ground. 

2. Additional domains

Domain names are not expensive, as well as often being difficult not to own one. Users can have up to more than 50 domain names in their accounts with a server. According to a survey, 80% of people surveyed have more than 5 domains and more than 20% have more than 50!

Hosting these additional domains requires additional hosting space. It is therefore important to have a web hosting account that allows you to add multiple domains.

Find a web host with more than 50 additional domains

Generally speaking, most low budget shared hosting companies provide at least 25 additional domains in a single account these days, but you need to make sure.

If you are carefree, and don’t waste time deciding which host to host, you might sign up with a host that only allows one domain. In this case, having a certain number of parked domains could save you the day. Either way, it is always beneficial to check out the possibilities of domains before subscribing.

Tip: Additional domain = Separate Magento Online Store with a domain name that you can host on the host; Parked domain = additional domain that you keep for domain transfer or email hosting.

3. Registration and renewal fees

Hosting deals, especially shared hosting, are normally the cheapest plans that offer extra prices at signup. But it could be that these offers often come with a much higher renewal price, so be careful before you click “buy” on the plan which gives you an 80% off sign-up price!

This is an industry standard.

Unless you’re willing to jump between two or three web hosts every two years, there’s no way to avoid expensive renewal costs.

At first glance, a renewal price of more than 50% is theoretically expensive. But in general, hosting companies that offer renewal at less than 100% remain accessible, knowing that if during registration you paid $ 5 / month, the renewal fee should not exceed $ 10 / month. 

However, before signing up, check the terms of use and make sure the renewal rates are right for you, to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Comparison: Registration Fee vs. renewal fees

Please take into account that in general, the hosts who reduce their prices at registration are those who increase the renewal price the most.

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