Tips on the selection of the right flooring materials


Constructing a house is a lifetime dream of many people. Many of them work throughout their lives to make their dream house come true. Australians are always a font of customising their home to make them unique. In recent years, the construction sector actually has taken off due to the urbanisation of major cities. As construction increased, more and more progress happened in construction styles. Flooring is one such sector where significant changes are happening. Epoxy flooring in Sunshine Coast and other places has become renowned for its effectiveness. The Sunshine Coast is the 10th largest significant urban area in Australia and one of Queensland’s strongest real estate markets. This factor makes SunShine coast a favourite location for construction and flooring agencies. Reliable flooring can bring many advantages. But to maximise the benefits, one has to consider different factors while choosing the flooring.

  • Cost: Flooring can affect the overall budget to a large extent. So the type of flooring should confirm during the primary estimation itself. Also, choose the flooring material that is available nearby. For example, those who live on the sunshine coast should go for the materials available in the southern Queensland area to avoid high transportation costs.
  • Aesthetics: It is a significant consideration regardless of the type of building. The flooring area covers a considerable space, and its elegance can change the overall aesthetics of the building. The flooring should be different as per the area. In places like the sunshine coast, due to the presence of the sea, the flooring should be able to withstand the effects of salt air.
  • Traffic flow: Not every building and every room experience the same amount of traffic. So the choice of flooring material should depend upon the traffic flow to withstand the tear and wear on it. Also, the higher the number of people using the area, the higher the chance of getting it dirty.
  • Ease of cleaning: The floor is the only place which all the people use. With the increase in usage, the chance of dirtying the floor also increases. But it is necessary to keep the floor clean all the time, and it is a vital factor for commercial spaces. So, choosing a flooring that improves the ease of cleaning can reduce the cost of cleaning it.
  • Safety: Floors need to be safe for walking on it safely. So the flooring material should be selected by the area. In toilets and other rooms, the chance of getting the floor wet is high, and the water can make the floor too slippery to walk on. In such places, the floor should provide a better grip for safety. 
  • Area of Flooring: The flooring materials for different places can vary. In places exposed to all the weather conditions, good quality flooring material needs to withstand the effects. Especially in areas like the sunshine coast, the effect of saltwater and mineral contents are high. So, the flooring should be capable of withstanding its effects.

How to get a long-lasting quality floor

  • Clean it occasionally: The chance of dirt and mud on the floor is unavoidable. Sticking these on the platform for a long time can damage the floor. Also, the dust particles scratching on the top layer of the floor material will reduce the shining of the flooring. Properly cleaning it is the best way of avoiding this problem. Using the vacuum suction will help to pick up the dust easily. Using proper cleaning liquids will easily take off the stain on the floor. But do not use too abrasive chemicals because they may damage tie flooring. Also, choose cleaning methods as per the type of flooring.
  • Protective film: A protective film over the flooring can make the floor safer. It will protect the flooring against all the substances that might stain on the floor. In protection, the most common is the epoxy flooring in Sunshine CoastIt can protect several types of floorings from a wide variety of problems.


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