Tips to Keep Your Fabric Out of the Way

Do you struggle to keep your fabric out of the way when embroidering? Don’t worry! We all do. It often becomes challenging to cope up with the problems that may occur during the machine embroidery process. It might get more challenging when you are dealing with kids and baby fabrics. 

You will have overabundance texture flop back onto your loop and become involved with your sewing on numerous projects. But it is exaggerating. It happens when you are doing your work, and all of a sudden, the machine makes an undesirable error making an unpleasant noise out of nowhere. You might also see clustered fabric around the needle. 

These small scale errors might consistently occur exactly at the point when you feel sure that everything is working out positively. The moment you turn away from your embroidery machine, you might see something you didn’t expect. 

At that point, you will realize that it is not an issue for you; it can be the issue for others too. But the question is how can you cater to this situation to prevent the excess fabric from falling back to the stitch area. Here, in this blog, we will talk about the tips that will help you keep your fabric out of the way.  

Strategies to Keep Your Fabric Out of the Way When Embroidering

Lower Your Machine Speed and Keep An Eye On it

This is the most crucial step to keep your fabric away when doing embroidering. You need to slow down the machine and watch closely. This might sound easy, but it is hard to examine the embroidery machine as you will get distracted. To avoid distraction, you can keep yourself a little busy to concentrate on the work. 

Turn Your Fabric Inside Out

Another useful tip is to float the garment instead of hooping it. It will help the fabric to turn before sticking to the stabilizer. You can mark the center of the design to the center of the hooped stabilizer. Then you can put the excess material out of the way if you are embroidering on the opposed fabric. Larger openings will give you more room to stitch and makes it easier to pull the fabric out of the way.

Keep a Chopstick With You

This is another useful tip. Keeping a chopstick will save you a lot of time during the machine embroidery process. If the excess fabric is getting in your area, you can gently put it away out of your area with the chopstick’s help.

Products that can help you to keep Fabric out of the way

There are many inexpensive products that can help you to keep your fabric out of the way.

Clothes Pins

This is an easy solution. You can clip the fabric to the side of the hoop using the clothespins. But make sure to keep enough space to prevent the pins from bumping into the machine.

Binder Clips

These clips are another great option. Be sure to check the clips. They should be large enough to accommodate the hoop frame width but short enough to not interfere with the hoop and machine movement.


Pinning can also help you to keep your excess fabric out of the way. It will keep your fabric in place. However, there are two things you need to keep in mind when pinning. First – you need to make sure that the pins don’t come in your stitch area. Second, make sure the pins don’t leave a mark on the fabric.

Thread Holders

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Thread holders can keep all your spools of thread from unwinding and help keep the excess fabric out of the way. 

What to do When Fabric is Pulled Under the Hoop

You need to be clear that the excess fabric falling back onto your stitch area is not the only thing that you need to worry about. The extra fabric part can also get sucked under the hoop. It is a whole new problem. Therefore, you need to be cautious about both issues.

Fixing the Error

Everything is fixable. To solve this issue, make sure to check the hoop properly. Examine it thoroughly. Make sure that there is no part of the fabric that is hiding out there, or might face the issue again. 


You need to be clear that when you are doing machine embroidery, it is inevitable to make a mistake. We, humans, make mistakes, and that is acceptable. Fortunately, if you follow these steps you can easily cater to the situation. Good luck with your stitching! 

In case you have any queries about our topic or anything related to embroidery digitizing services, feel free to reach out to us at our website. We will be happy to assist you. 

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