Top 10 Must-Know Tips to Save Money on Clothes

Top 10 Must Know Tips to Save Money on Clothes
Top 10 Must Know Tips to Save Money on Clothes

You are trying to live within a limited budget but you have to buy new clothes then you may need some advice, tips to get items at the lowest price that you can afford. Then you can not ignore the following 10 tips that you can refer to save money when buying clothes.

1. Ask for A Discount

Asking for clothing discounts doesn’t always work. All you need to do is to politely offer a discount on what you want to buy that can help you get a discount. And the next time when you shop, you should go to that store because the seller can recognize you and will be happy to give you their products at a discounted price. Despite a number of coupon codes or hot deals, remember not to buy many things at once, just only buy what you need. Otherwise, you may never use them and it will become a waste.

2. Black Friday

Black Friday is the biggest shopping holiday of the year. That is when domestic fashion stores, as well as international brands, post ads with attractive promotions to consumers who line up, jostle each other to own good bargains. You can make an effort on those days to get what you want with less money.

Besides, you can go shopping on many other holidays when sale-off programs happen such as Valentine, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc. Moreover, when an item hangs in the store for more than a month, its price starts to drop. If you can hold yourself back, wait for 6 to 8 weeks after the store arrives to buy.

3. Don’t Waste Vouchers

This is something that many consumers desire to own even hunt for them when shopping. There are 2 types of vouchers that you often see are paper vouchers (paper coupons) and e-vouchers (discount codes for online payment).

Both types of vouchers are currently preferred and used by many businesses at the same time. However, with the trend of technology – modernization, e-vouchers are becoming more and more familiar.

Shops regularly offer vouchers or coupons to stimulate shopping and encourage the return of loyal customers. If you don’t want to buy new clothes, you can exchange them for other people’s gift cards to get what you want.

4. Take Care of Your Clothes

Keep your clothes can be used for as long as possible. This means you won’t have to spend money on new clothes. Dry-clean if it is recommended to be dry-cleaned, wash your hands if necessary, and don’t turn your closet into a warehouse. Your favorite clothes will be more durable if you take care of them. The same is true for shoes. Repairing and polishing shoes every few months will help them look refreshed longer.

5. Ask about The Store’s Discount Plan

Nothing is worse than the feeling of discovering the clothes you’ve just bought and being sold by the store a few days later. Therefore, before planning to withdraw money to buy a large item, ask the seller if there is going to be a sale.

6. Take Advantage of Discount Campaigns

Take advantage of the store’s 1-on-1 and similar deals, not by buying everything you can carry out of the store, but by asking your friends to buy it together. If both of you are looking for new boots for the winter, buy discount goods together and you’ll have this special advantage. 

7. Be Friendly When Shopping

You don’t have to make friends with her, but just smile and say hello, ask for her opinion and pay attention to what she does. Maybe your friendly attitude will make her willing to give you a discount.

8. Buy Clothes on Weekdays

Go shopping on the day of the week for the best option, ideally on a Thursday. If you go on the weekend, the store you like maybe overcrowded. As the result, it is hard to ask for a discount or choose the best clothes.

9. Buy Clothes at The End of The Season

You will get seasonal items at the best prices as soon as the season ends. You will be also easier to get a coupon or shopping in clearance items. For example, look for short-sleeved sweaters in late summer, long-sleeved sweaters in late winter.

10. Swap Clothes with Your Friends

You can also save money by exchanging items with your best friends for new outfits. If clothes or shoes do not fit? Exchange other items, like new gowns, new hats, bags or jewelry, that will refresh your style without cost.

Clothing costs can add up quickly, especially if we’re in need of a wardrobe update. If you’re serious about spending on the responsibility or reducing debt then don’t let your clothes shopping get out of control. Always check for tips and tricks that can help minimize spending when shopping for a new season. It takes a combination of careful planning, altering shopping habits, and improving how you care for and create outfits.


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