Top 5 Stubborn Fat Spots You Can Eliminate with CoolSculpting


CoolSculpting is an excellent nonsurgical and noninvasive fat removal procedure. The approach does not damage any surrounding skin or tissue and requires no recovery time; hence, you can return to your daily activities after treatment. CoolSculpting involves cooling subcutaneous fat (that has accumulated on different parts of the body) until they are destroyed and absorbed by the body.

If you are considering the procedure, these are the top 5 fat spots CoolSculpting can eliminate.

Chin flab

Some people feel insecure about their front or side profile because fat has accumulated below their chin. CoolSculpting is a safe way to treat the fat under your chin. However, the process can only be used with the right amount of fat, if you want great results. Little fat means the applicators will have nothing to hold on to. While too much fat means you will not have visible reduction.

It is important to exercise patience because the outcome is visible after weeks or months depending on how fast your body will respond to the treatment. The chin is a small area and will cost you less because it only requires one or two applicators for treatment.

Bra roll fat

It is hard to get a bra that fits perfectly when you are avoiding the visibility of your bra roll fat. Fat accumulation around the bra area is something to expect as you age. This is because fat accumulation is affected by the change in metabolism and estrogen levels.

If you are frustrated about looking at the bra roll fat every morning even after healthy eating and regular exercises, it is time to visit your doctor for a CoolSculpting procedure. The treatment takes between 35 minutes to an hour. You should expect some discomfort at the beginning of treatment due to the freezing, but it dissipates after a short time. In approximately four months, you should observe a maximum reduction of the stubborn bra roll fat after treatment.


Thighs are important body parts that help us walk among people confidently. Fat can accumulate, especially on the inner thighs resulting in high friction and discomfort. If healthy living has done nothing to reduce the fat, CoolSculpting is the best solution.

Treatment of inner thighs often requires only one CoolSculpting session. The thighs are treated one at a time. You may experience soreness, which subsides in a few days or weeks. It is important to ensure that you are at your ideal weight to qualify as a good candidate for the CoolSculpting procedure.

Upper arms

Do you have a sleeveless dress or top you refuse to wear because you feel embarrassed about the fat that has accumulated on your arms? You can reduce the fat effectively using CoolSculpting.

Back fat

Back fat is always visible when you wear any fitting clothing. Therefore, it results in people wearing looser clothes because they are too conscious of the visible fat layers. You will need several sessions to reduce your back fat depending on the doctor’s analysis. 

After an effective reduction of fat, you can confidently put on your dream outfit without shying away or covering it with a coat. 

Are you struggling with accumulated fat on the above-mentioned parts of your body even after dieting and exercising? Visit an experienced doctor to have the fat removed using the effective CoolSculpting procedure.


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