Top Concerns of E-commerce Wholesale Eyelash Packaging in 2020

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As we head into 2020, a few noticeable changes appeared in the line of e-commerce packaging materials, protocols, and related dynamics. Every brand and company needs to be aware of these packaging demands of the consumers.

The question arises is that what changes are ahead for e-commerce packaging. In what ways e-commerce packaging materials and processes are affecting the United States’ circular economy. What are the expectations of consumers regarding their unboxing experience? How are environmental concerns shaping e-commerce packaging?

Protective Packaging Materials for Custom eyelash boxes with logo

The packaging of the product is paramount, especially if we are talking about e-commerce. Protective custom eyelash boxes with logo require various packaging layers. The consumers simultaneously ask for less packaging to ensure lesser environmental impact while expecting the product to be delivered safe and free from any contamination. Striking a balance here is not easy. While choosing packaging supplies for e-commerce, it is crucial to place sustainability and product safety on top of the list. Using protective custom eyelash boxes with logo supplies like pads or air pillows is one way to ensure the product’s safety and environmental sustainability. Wholesale eyelash boxes are an item that can be tampered. Therefore, it is best to use protective packaging, tamper-evident materials such as blister packs, tamper-evident tapes, and induction seal liners.

Considering the Environmental Impact of Packaging Materials

In the wide world of packaging supplies, sustainability and environmental impact hold the utmost importance. Consumers expect e-commerce companies to reduce packaging waste by avoiding using unnecessary packaging materials. There is a massive difference between the packaging requirements of brick and mortar retail packaging and online shopping. Selling your Wholesale eyelash boxes through a retail establishment requires standing out. It can be achieved through flashy colors, multiple materials, augmented reality, various fonts, gamification, digital experiences, and interactive content.

However, most of these dynamics are rendered moot when it comes to e-commerce packaging. Countless businesses are putting efforts to mitigate e-commerce packaging waste to the minimum possible level.  Sustainability, eco-friendliness, and an on-going commitment to producing less and less waste as time goes on is a focal point of improvement for The Legacy Printing.

E-commerce giants like Amazon are working hard to fulfill the ever-intensifying demand for low or no packaging waste options. Amazon has introduced the idea of optimized packaging to ensure environmental sustainability. However, there is still a long way to go. The environmentally conscious consumer base is evolving and getting bigger day by day. Their growing interaction with e-commerce shopping and environmental impact will grow more as we head towards the future.

Elevating the Unboxing Experience

No matter if it is retail shopping or online buying, the unboxing experience is essential for every consumer. The first interaction with the product purchased online happens during the unboxing experience. It is the time when the consumer makes the initial judgment about the product and the brand. A straightforward and bland packaging leads to a feeling of remorse. Complex packaged or overly packaged product also turns out to be a turn off for the customer.

Therefore, you must know the art of keeping intact the “wow factor” of the packaging and sustainability. To do so, always choose packaging materials having a lower carbon footprint. By doing so, you will produce the best ROI by making the consumers happy.     


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