Top Modern Bathroom Designs for Home

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Are you looking forward to remodeling your bathroom with the upcoming modern trends? If so, we have got you the latest textures, prints, pattern styles and finishes you can consider. You can find the hottest designs you can have as the ideas for bathroom renovation Toronto. Not just in Toronto, but these ideas can be implemented with the help of professionals all across the country of Canada. Let’s check out the best ones we got for you!

Modern bathroom renovation ideas to choose from

Darker styles are IN

Grey has been quite an accepting color for the bathroom, but the trends are open for darker themes and colors these days. And, that brings in black as a better choice when it comes to choosing the color for the bathroom remodeling. It goes perfectly with light fixtures, mirrors, vanities and other matte finish fixtures. In case you are among the homeowners who are not quite open for involving darker themes as black, you can stick to grey that has been quite popular last year.

A high-tech upgrade

Last year has been a lot about smart toilets, but in recent times, bathrooms are getting a high-tech upgrade. You can also have a next-level upgrade with seat warmers, automatic lid openers, built-in deodorizers, adjustable air dryers, and more for your bathroom. There are reliable companies offering bathroom remodeling services that cover such upgrade. Moreover, the latest bathroom style also include voice-activated features, smart showers, automatic sinks and mini-fridges!

If you have a good budget for the remodeling investment, you can transform your bathroom into a day spa. It is going to be a completely high-tech experience of modern bathroom renovation.

Brass & Gold makes a comeback for a vintage look

Shades of gold and brass are taking over toilets, sinks and other fixtures in the bathroom, it gives a new warm-toned gold and brass feel in your bathroom with the all-new set of fixtures. This is an add-on to the dimension, depth and luxury of your bathroom space. Most homeowners look forward to having a warmer accent with gold/brass toned fixtures in the bathroom as compared to the traditional shiny and polished chrome. The new finish options in the bathroom involve matte, satin and spun gold. This is the change that was needed from quite some time in the modern bathroom decor style.

Industrial-style vanities and sinks

While not everyone would like this upgrade, but the popularity of industrial-style bathroom design suggests a big YES or it to be included in our list of best modern bathroom ideas. The wooden accents, metal finish possibilities and funky tile patterns show how industrial vanity is the latest style. It gives a modern and sleek look with the edgy and classy bathroom remodeling trend. You can match industrial sinks with colors, brass or gold accents, fun tile patterns or matte black fixtures for a modernized look.

Modern tile shapes and patterns

Homeowners when hiring bathroom remodeling services discuss the new style of tiles to be used for the renovation, it is because the traditional styles are no more in trend. Today, from colors to patterns to sizes, everything is transformed in the case of bathroom tiles. There are a lot of tile styles and shapes to choose from – improved hexagon, diamond, arabesque, chevron patterns or Moroccan fish scales. You can also go for new textures and colors available. These can also be used on shower walls, bathroom backsplashes and also the ceiling accents.

In a Nutshell

These were the most popular modern bathroom ideas you can apply to your bathroom renovation. If you don’t want to go with the gold or black thing, the tiles and industrial-style fixtures could be a good option though.


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