What a QuickBooks Merchant Services Payment Report Can Cover

One of the best parts of using a QuickBooks merchant services system is that you can record all your QuickBooks payments in real-time without missing anything. Integrating QuickBooks helps you link all credit card transactions you collect to your Intuit QuickBooks account. It records in-store and mobile sales in moments and doesn’t require adjustments. All payments link to invoices to facilitate the reconciliation process. Everything is also accurate, as the details on your mobile credit card processing program will link to the merchant services report you produce.

You can use the QuickBooks program to review what you’re doing when online and managing your merchant services efforts. The program will provide helpful details on everything you’re getting from a mobile credit card processing system.

Here’s what a payment report from QuickBooks will cover:


A QuickBooks merchant services report can provide details on the dates for a transaction. You can review the date when a payment was posted and when the payment was cleared. In most situations, a payment will clear on the same day it originates, giving you the money you need sooner.

The program will let you review how many transactions you complete each day. You can sort your reports by the day if you want to know what fits your program needs.

2.Type of Payment

You can review whether something is a deposit or an expense. The deposits can be from people who pay for whatever products or services they get from you. The expenses entail things you need to keep your business running well.


You can get payments ready through whatever account you want to manage. These include separate accounts for different departments in your workplace. You can use one single account for your business, or you can use different accounts for specific activities one wishes to manage. You can also produce different permissions for each person in your business depending on what they will be planning when working.


You can add a memo to whatever transactions you collect through your QuickBooks merchant services efforts. A memo can include a description of whatever things someone wishes to manage when completing different transactions. You can customize these memos as necessary, but they should be ones that everyone in the workplace will understand and recall for success.

5.Payment Values

QuickBooks will collect data on how much you are collecting through a transaction. QuickBooks provides an accurate report to ensure you’ll handle whatever transactions you wish to manage.

6.Total Differences

The differences in your QuickBooks report will include a look at how much money you’re getting in deposits versus the specific payments you have to manage. You can see what you’re earning and if you’re getting a profit off of your business efforts for the day when you monitor this part of your merchant services account.

7.Fee Listings

A report can also show the fees you’re spending when using a QuickBooks merchant services program. QuickBooks will charge different values for all card transactions you complete. These include separate rates for swiped, keyed, or electronic invoice payments. You would pay more for a keyed transaction than if you swiped a card, although this point is valid for every transaction regardless of whatever you utilize in the process.

QuickBooks produces a useful design that gives you details on everything necessary for your work plans. QuickBooks ensures you’ll get the most out of whatever transactions you wish to handle, ensuring you never need to worry about whatever you’re managing while online.

You can also create charts through QuickBooks to display what you are doing when managing your mobile credit card processing work. You can use QuickBooks online to review your transactions and compare everything surrounding what works while online. The setup lists details on how much money you’re spending, what types of payments you’re collecting, and many other factors that you might want to record for work.

QuickBooks merchant services reports can help you note where you’re going when collecting payments from others. Be aware of how a QuickBooks system works and that you have a smart plan in mind for whatever you want to manage for your work needs.

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