What Carpets are Trending in 2020?

Carpets are Trending
Carpets are Trending

Plain floor, tiling, and Vinyl flooring are in demand, but the carpet’s worth never went away as it does not mean that carpet is dead. To be honest, people love to give space to that item, which makes their house space unique. As Carpets in Pakistan, manufacturers are using the latest technology to their advantage, creating innovative and never-before-seen patterns and jaw-dropping new features.

Waterproof Carpet

Got shocked? Of course, I know you get shocked after reading the first trending carpet. Previously people don’t want carpet and rug because it’s tough for them to dry the carpet after it gets wet due to any reason. But now don’t worry as technology has been revolving so, new technology introducing to solve people’s problems. Now you can decorate your home with waterproof carpet to make your room fantastic. Want to get out of the shower and feel the squishy rug under your feet without getting worried about water. These waterproof carpets will not soak up the water. Instead, you can easily clean up any liquids within seconds without them soaking in for a long time.

Texture Carpet

Texture carpet is much in trend as people love to install such carpet, which gives life to their room. No one wants to give a boring theme to their place. The textured carpet looks amazing where the wall is plain, and the curtain seems to be the simple or contrasting color as already carpet has a texture, so its complete the room look.

Handmade Rugs

Creative and artistic handmade rugs are trending as people admire work, which is done by crafter rather than a machine. Of course, there is a vast difference between a handmade piece or machine. People who know how to appreciate such crafter buy handmade carpet from them to utilize their skills. Handmade rugs give life to the room, especially under the center table. It gives an embellish look.

Geometrical Pattern Carpet

For buying geometrical pattern carpet, it doesn’t matter you love geometry or not. The geometrical pattern carpet looks amazing in the dining room and TV lounge area as there are fewer items in these spaces.

Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpet never gets old. Understanding the texture of frieze carpet is also known as “twist” carpet, where each piece of the carpet is twisted and making it look almost curly. Usually, frieze carpet is not contrasted with other colors. It has a unique pattern, that’s why it can be seen in one color.

Carpet Tiles

Still, looking for tiles but hate the hardness of the tiles? Don’t worry, as told you above, our carpet manufacturing industries have also been rising with technology. You can get tile pattern carpet in the shape of softness. Now the best carpets online in Pakistan available easily. Buy carpets in Pakistan.


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