What is freight forwarding?

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You are in the right place to know what freight forwarding is and the best of its services like Go Freight Hub. It plans, organizes, and coordinates commodities through single or multiple carriers by air, sea, rail, or road. Only the best freight forwarding services can comply with regulations safely with other responsibilities. It includes warehouse planning, custom brokerage, cargo insurance, and others. For fulfilling such responsibilities, freight forwarding for shippers is the strategic planning and executing of logistics for transporting goods.

So, check out the best freight forwarding services’ principles, types, and essentials for the safe and efficient transfer of commodities. 

What are the principles of freight forwarding?

The premise of freight forwarding principles is that the cost-effective and efficient commodities transfer in excellent condition throughout their journey to reach the destination safely. Freight forwarding services should become specialists in logistics management to ensure on-time delivery of the commodities.   The globalization and digitalization of the business have increased the need for using state-of-the-art equipment with advanced technologies. The following are freight forwarding principles to manage the benefits and risks of shipping goods nationally and internationally.

·   Negotiate tariffs, deal with import restrictions to become proficient in all types of transport, including air, sea, rail, and road

·   Manage the logistics essentials like the benefits and risks to ensure the safe transportation of goods to deliver on schedule

·   Comply with all regulations to avoid fines and other issues for the successful shipment of goods using the right tools

·   Use the advanced IT or information technology for shipping commodities both nationally and internationally.

·   Have the right team of people with a commitment to excellence to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering the goods at the destinations on time safely and efficiently

·   Provide customized shipping experience for customers for complex shipping tasks to gain their trust to be reliable

Freight forwarding types

There are four freight forwarding types or modalities available to customers to transport their goods from one destination to another. They include.

·   Ground freight forwarding or transporting using trucks, also known as door-to-door delivery, is the most common and popular of its increasing need for ecommerce and other companies to deliver goods fast, overcoming the many challenges like traffic, dangers on the road, and infrastructural issues.

·   Rail freight forwarding is the most cost-effective and eco-friendly mode of transporting goods as there are no challenges common to road transport.

·   Sea freight is the oldest and most traditional way of transporting goods by the sea used for international shipping using ships and ferries to transport goods across oceans.

·   Airfreight forwarding to transport goods across domestic and international borders quick and safe than the sea but expensive

Essential requirements for the best freight forwarding services

There are many essential requirements for the best freight forwarding services like Go Freight Hub. A few of them include.

·   Enable to know the freight forwarding quote within seconds by keying the essential information like name, email address, transportation mode, packaging, weight, and destination. 

·   The simple three-step process for booking the cargo and sending it to the destination fast and safe by selecting the service, booking the rate, and go

·   Provide tech-enabled solutions with proprietary software in a cloud-based platform to perform booking, communicating, and automation in one location for increasing transparency.

·   Offer transportation service to have an Uber-like experience using GPS tracking, automated updates, and geofencing algorithms on one platform.

·   Being an asset-based 3PL using a technology-centered platform assures control throughout the supply chain management.

·   Offer value-added services like warehousing, packaging, last mile services, and others for providing the best 3PL services.


The above facts, types, and essential requirements will surely help you know about freight forwarding and its best services like Go Hazmut Hub.


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