What is IT consulting?


IT consulting – a thorough definition

IT consulting is a series of specialized services including support in various IT fields for enterprises and state or local government administration institutions. The field includes the selection of hardware, software and ICT technologies as well as the design, implementation and maintenance of the most efficient computer systems. IT consulting is aimed at the optimal use of the latest information technologies in order to achieve the goals of the unit. It is worth emphasizing that this is not a one-off service, but a sequence of events that are coordinated by a specialist consulting company like https://leancode.co/ at the request of a specific client.

IT consulting includes planning, designing and implementing IT solutions as well as training for employees allowing for their optimal use.

Main fields of IT consulting

IT consulting usually covers three main areas, namely:

  • IT strategy – activities in the field of analyzing existing solutions and identifying activities that can be improved. Consulting also includes setting priorities for the future as well as the direction of the company’s operations in order to enable its development;
  • IT transformation – activities consisting in the optimization of existing processes and the implementation of effective solutions. Thanks to them, the company will start creating value for its customers, and thus gain an advantage over the competition;
  • IT support – activities that include assistance in the daily use of IT systems, their maintenance and security.

The area of ​​IT consulting that a company should use at a given moment depends on its needs and the situation in which it is located. A business that plans to implement new software will expect different support than a company that wants to create a long-term development strategy.

How to find a reliable IT consulting company?

An IT consulting company is a guarantee of bringing your IT architecture to a higher level. However, in order to reach it, you have to make a thorough analysis of the consulting companies present on the market. What exactly should you pay attention to?

First of all, the experience and opinions of existing clients. It is very important that the company has already had many successful projects along the way. It can be evidenced by both recommendations and independent opinions of enterprises that have used its services.

The industry of business with which the IT consulting company cooperated is also important. If it includes companies from your industry in its portfolio, you can be sure that specialists understand the specifics of your branch and will be able to apply the most effective innovations precisely.


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