What is the Best Way to Maximize Your Income Tax Returns?

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It is important to carry out your income tax return filing every year to maximize the tax return you could get. Making sure you do not make mistakes while filing taxes should be a priority for you. 

Here are some tips for everyone to maximize their returns without making common mistakes. It is better to consider and implement them rather than failing and paying more taxes than you were supposed to.

Don’t Forget to Mention all Sources

This is one of the most common mistakes people tend to make, forgetting to mention all of the sources from where the money comes from. Even if these sources are your fixed deposits or your contribution to your retirement accounts. It is important to file these returns as well.

In case you do not file your return, you might be letting go of the return you could have. And you might be missing out on a lot of money if you haven’t been filing them for some time.

Search Every Possible Deduction

You should look into all the possible sources you could claim deduction on, this includes charitable contributions or medical costs, money spent on education, and much more. It is important to focus on deductions, simply because the amount of taxable income you have will be the amount of the tax you will be paying for.

If this amount is low, you can rest assured that you will be getting a bigger return. And that will only happen once you have more deductions on the amount of taxable income you have. This is why you should claim all possible deductions, whether they are donations or deposits.

Filing Status

It is important that you are at your best filing status when you are filing for your return. It is important to mention all the changes you have had in your life, whether they are getting married or having to go through a divorce. Whatever changes you have had with your relationship status by the last date will be considered your filing status when you file for your taxes.

This is important since the amount do refund might change when you have a different status, but make sure you have decided this early on and not changing your mind while you are filing for a return.

Report all Sources

One of the most common mistakes people make is forgetting to report all sources of income they have, even if they are small or might not look like a regular source of income, they have to be reported while you are filing for taxes.

You should know that if you forget to mention some of these sources, there are no second chances, and you will have to face penalties and will be served a notice. This is why it’s important that you take note of all the sources and mention them while filing for your return.

In case you find out you have made a mistake, you can request for clarification, but this is only possible if you have filed early for income tax.


Although you should always meet the deadlines of filing for all the taxes, it is better to file them early. Not only you will be able to file stress-free without waiting for approval for a long time, but you will also have enough time to clarify any mistakes.


If you consider these tips while Income tax filing, there is a high chance that you can maximize the amount of return you will be receiving during this financial year.


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