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The roof is one of the most essential elements of your home. If you just recently bought a house then the following are a few things that you should know about your roof. 

Scheduling annual roof inspection:

This is a very important thing to keep in mind as it can save you from costly roof repairs. Each year contact Everett Roofing Contractor to come and inspect your roof. To look for any problem spots and repair them before they escalate and cause bigger problems. Doing this will increase the lifespan of your roof by many years. For more details please visit our website: http://mcsroofingcompany.com/everett-roofing/ 

Previous record:

Your house may last for centuries but surely your roof won’t as it needs to be replaced every few decades. It all depends on what type of material has been used in the manufacturing of the roof. Some roofs can last up to 15 years while others can endure 50 years or more. After buying the house ask the previous owner about the age of the roof. If any repairing was done on it or are there any warranties that are still applicable. Also, keep in mind that if your home has an old roof then there is a chance that you might be needing a new one in a few years or so.

Cleaning your roof:

To maintain your roof and to increase its life span it is advised to clean your roof regularly. Avoid cleaning the roof after a storm waiting for your roof to dry out. Also if you don’t feel comfortable on your roof, you can always seek help from Everett Roofing Contractor to come and clean your roof. You can ask them to clean your roof along with your annual inspection. Also keep in mind that if you notice algae or moss on your roof shingles, schedule a roof cleaning. If you let the algae and moss sit on the roof, they can damage your shingles and cause the roof to age prematurely.


Always keep in mind to keep your gutter and drainage clean from all debris and things that might clog it up. Drainage is an important part of the roof of the drainage becomes block then the water will be stuck on the roof from where it will eventually seep under the shingles and cause damage to your roof. Another thing is that it can also damage the foundation, the walls beneath, and cause erosion. If your house is more than two stories then you will need some help from the professionals. Also, you need to keep an extra eye over the drainage system if there is a tree that hangs over your house because its sharp needles and pines can block the drainage.

Keep an eye:

Look at your roof from time to time, particularly after a rainstorm, overwhelming snowfall, or ice collection. See closely at the regions most likely to have spills: around sky facing windows, vents, flashing, and chimneys. In expansion, know that spills aren’t continuously self-evident interior your domestic like you might see on motion pictures and TV appears. You likely won’t spot water dribbling from one spot within the ceiling (or require a bucket to capture the spilling water). Instep, you might take note of bubbling paint, a discolored divider, water stains on your ceiling, form, twisting shingles, harmed blazing, granule misfortune, or green growth on the roof.

Know your alternatives:

There’s a wide assortment of material alternatives accessible, but they won’t all work for your circumstances. The fashion of your domestic, your cost run, and the climate all play a huge part in making a difference you choose which material fabric to choose. If you live in an especially sunny area, you could be curious about shingles that are more vitality effective. In case you live in a range that’s prone to solid storms, you might need shingles that are impact-resistant and can withstand solid winds. You too want to form beyond any doubt to choose a fashion that looks great along with your house. A great-looking, compelling roof includes a major effect on the resale value of your house.


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