WhatsApp To Test It’s New Emojis In Upcoming Update

whatsapp animated stickers 2020 new update of whatsapp
whatsapp animated stickers 2020 new update of whatsapp

WhatsApp already showed some glimpses of its animated stickers in the previous update. Now, according to reports and rumors running around the internet that WhatsApp is testing 138 new emojis in the upcoming version of WhatsApp.

Well, don’t get too excited this new emoji testing is for Android users only.  Emojis have always been the most refreshing thing introduced by WhatsApp. They have changed the complexion of chatting to friends and families. Now the emojis are the essential part of our conversation happening on WhatsApp. Most often, we use emojis more than the actual textual conversation.

Well, let’s discuss something about these emojis, nearly a part of the WhatsApp community. These emojis might be different and unique from the previous range of emojis presents on WhatsApp.

Are you too excited about these emojis? And what to use right away these new emojis? Sadly you cannot use them right now because these are only available in beta tester application only. But if you are too eager and dying to use these new emojis, we are here to guide you to use them.

This process is only for those who are dying interested in using the new emojis. Other users can wait for the original version of WhatsApp too launched soon. 

So let’s get with it.

Those who want to use or look at these emojis can do by joining Google Play Beta Program and then download the latest beta version of WhatsApp, which is more likely for Android only. Well, these emojis pack can be downloaded in the APK extension from APK MIRROR. But the official launch date is still anonymous for the public.

Emojis are not the only feature available in the beta version of WhatsApp, there are other lots of exciting features and updates, and it looks like WhatsApp is going to redecorate. As I mentioned above, WhatsApp recently rolled out the animated stickers for both Android users as well as the iOS users also.

These stickers are not available by default; you have to download them manually from stickers store.

Don’t where is the sticker store is?

Go to the area of the sticker and where you’ll find at the bottom sign similar to page sticker. Tap that sticker you’ll find yourself to another page of labels. After that, you’ll see a + sticker at the top of the page tap that sticker that will land you to the sticker store.

Didn’t understand?

I’ll guide you with the help of pictures.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3: 

Step 4:

List of Animated Stickers

The list of animated stickers that are currently available in the present version.

  • Rico’s Sweet Life
  • Bright Days
  • Playful Piyomaru
  • Moody Foodies
  • Chummy Chum Chums.

Admittedly new this is going to be very exciting for the users. Animated stickers and emoji are wonderful and precise means of communication for both ends. They can also provide a great deal of entertainment.

Before this, people were used to creating emojis and stickers by different sources or third parties applications. Now WhatsApp has become a regular source of communication for everyone. Almost most of the population in the world rely on WhatsApp. Now everyone can send pics, videos, video calls, gif, and upload 23hr status on their accounts.

Now WhatsApp has also started introducing features from time to time, there are already many emojis present in WhatsApp, and now they are adding 138 more emojis on their platform. With these emojis and animated work, there will be more fun and enhance chatting without any doubt.

One last feature we are going to discuss is that recently introduced by WhatsApp; a ‘Mute Always’ option has been introduced by WhatsApp which will let the user stop the notification of a person to person chat or either to group notification for lifetime. You won’t receive any notification from whom you ‘Mute Always’.


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