Where Should You Look for Tacoma Aftermarket Parts?

aftermarket parts

Why do you get excited about Tacoma accessories? People who don’t off-road may not get your enthusiasm. But for you, carefully chosen upgrades lead to better performance, handling and comfort. And when you’re hundreds of miles from home, all of that is a big deal.

You already know to select your upgrades based on their quality and your performance needs. But where you get your mods is just as vital as what you buy. Your best bet is shopping at a trusted dealer in aftermarket parts, especially one that specializes in off-roading gear. Along with a wide selection, you get access to expert assistance and recommendations to help you get the most out of your truck.

Tires and Wheels for Your Tacoma

Traction is critical no matter where you ride. Sloppy mud and rocky ground present challenges of their own – and the right tires can make a huge difference. And if you tackle multiple types of trails, a high-quality all-terrain tire provides excellent versatility and performance.

One great example is the ProComp A/T Sport. It features a specialized all-terrain rubber compound that delivers long life off the road and dependable on-road performance. The A/T Sport also includes an alternate tread block design with sweeping grooves plus side holder lugs for superb traction on snow, mud or slick surfaces. Black letter sidewalls give the A/T Sport a polished look that complements any modded Tacoma.

Swapping out your tires can be a step in the right direction. But what if you also need new wheels? A Tacoma wheel and tire package offers both upgrades in one. As the name implies, a tire and wheel package comes with your tires already mounted and balanced on the rims. Depending on the package, you may also get center caps, lug nuts and TPMS sensors. The ProComp A/T Sport comes in a tire-wheel package, paired with super-strong aluminum LRG rims sporting an attractive Satin Black finish.

Tacoma Body Upgrades

Tires and wheels keep your Tacoma moving, but body components offer protection. Tacoma Body Armor mods are a great way to get even more out of your truck’s safety and performance. Body Armor 4X4 crafts its products through precision engineering and strict quality standards. HiLine bumpers are one great example, featuring a 3/16-inch steel plate construction with a ¼-inch winch mount capable of holding up to 10,000 pounds. Integrated D-ring mounts plus a high-clearance design and room for a 20-inch dual-row LED light bar make the HiLine a versatile upgrade choice.

Body Armor 4X4 hasn’t neglected the rear of your truck. Its Pro Series back bumper is also made from 3/16-inch steel plate. It also features D-ring mounts with additional space for two cube lights. With its solid construction and functionality, it’s an optimal choice for replacing a stock bumper.  

Last-Minute Shopping Suggestions

As you have seen, you have lots of options for Tacoma aftermarket upgrades. Choosing products that support your performance goals is the most important thing when you go shopping. It’s wise to keep pricing in mind, but don’t focus too much on dollars and cents. Aim for a balance of economy and quality with your Tacoma mods.


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