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There are many teas available across the world with different flavours and unique aroma. Tea is a healthy beverage and a traditional drink since ancient times. And nowadays, people love to drink tea. They prefer healthy juices according to their taste. So, they do different experiments with their flavours. 

As you know in these days fitness or a healthy life is considered as a priority to anybody. Tea is a traditional medicine used from ancient periods. There are many teas with the health benefits available in this world, such as black tea, green tea, white tea, flavoured tea, blended tea, oolong tea, herbal tea and chai. Due to its taste, smell, texture Jasmine tea has gained immense popularity too. But does Jasmine tea have caffeine? But now we are going to talk about white tea, and how does it taste?

The white tea is mostly harvested in China. The production or harvesting of white tea currently starts now in India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Eastern Nepal, and Vietnam. White tea, green tea, and black tea come from one plant that is Camilla Sinensis. But, the way of the process is different among these teas. White teas are handpicked teas that are harvested in early spring. This tea is harvested at a very young age than green tea. The young buds of the Camilla Sinensis plant were plucked and then gently dried in sunlight. White tea is the least processed tea; it only needs continuous withering and then dried. This tea is known as white tea because the buds are white and hairy, plucked from the Camilla Sinensis plant. This tea contains more caffeine than other types of tea. So, this tea is the right choice for those people who love caffeine, but not coffee to get relief from their stress. Most teas have a small percentage of caffeine without triggering the nerves too much. You can now buy Wholesale teas fresh from the tea gardens.

Let’s know about its taste.

What does white tea taste like?

All teas have their unique flavours and aroma that’s the reason why their taste varies from each other. White tea has multiple varieties such as Doke silver needle, Giddaphar white, Chabessey silver needle, etc. All these teas have different taste and appearance. Generally white tea colour appears to be pale yellow, or golden. Some plain white tea taste includes sweet honey, floral, grassy, fruity, mild, smooth, mellow, etc. This tea has a fruity and pleasant aroma. The way of brewing the tea can change the flavour or taste. As I said above, white tea contains more caffeine than black tea and green tea. The caffeine release by white tea, while brewing in hot or cold water can also differ the content of caffeine if you brew this tea for a longer time in hot water then this tea releases more caffeine than in cold water, so it also changes the taste or flavours. According to your appetite, you can also add sugar and milk in some types of white tea.

White tea is a rare tea because this tea needs more care than other teas. This tea contains natural and a lot of antioxidants which gives you various health benefits such as preventing cancer, protecting from free radicals, aids ageing, improves oral health, may help in weight loss, reduce stress, improves digestion, etc. You will think that it has similar health benefits to green tea? Well, no. It might be similar to green tea in terms of health benefits, but its effect is different from green tea. Green tea has fewer antioxidants than white tea because white tea is less processed tea, so its antioxidants remain in it. But the brewing process can reduce the content of antioxidants in a cup. That’s why white tea is known as healthier tea than green tea. 

Never drink white tea in an empty stomach because it causes irritation and inflammation. Some side effects can be found in those people who don’t like caffeine or are allergic to caffeine. 

White tea is the best and healthiest beverage. It provides you with a lot of antioxidants to your body and maintains your fitness. You can add this tea to your diet or routine. Drinking white tea after exercise shows you some magical improvements in your health and also helps you refresh your daily life with its fragrance. 

Loose-leaf tea is a premium quality tea. It doesn’t lose its antioxidants, whereas tea bags may lose some antioxidants. That’s why loose-leaf tea is more expensive than teabags. 


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