Why is conference room scheduling software important since the COVID-19 era?

Returning to work after the COVID blockade is by no means the same. When a company or organization opens its workplace to employees, customers and clients, management needs to have clear guidelines and protocols for health safety and standards.

Technology plays an important role in achieving optimal health and safety practices in the workplace. Desk and Meeting room booking software scheduling software allows organizations to better plan their return to work by providing a convenient and reliable booking system.

Simplify meeting room reservation software

DeskFlex Conference Scheduling Room Software, a leader in intelligent total space management business solutions, enables companies to simplify space utilization and management. DeskFlex provides a streamlined way to manage office space, meeting rooms, meeting rooms, facilities, and resources using online booking software.

DeskFlex integrates seamlessly with your existing corporate network, allowing employees to make reservations using mobile apps, web browsers, or corporate intranet systems. DeskFlex customizes the room booking system according to your organization’s pre-determined needs.

Total office space management since the COVID-19 era

In the post-COVID-19 era, companies will need to make concrete plans on how to redesign workplace dynamics to support COVID compliance in the office. Management provides employees with a safe working environment, maintains physical distance, minimizes employee interaction, prevents potential contamination, and takes specific steps in the event of an outbreak. You should try to plan.

DeskFlex meeting room scheduling software allows you to book a meeting with a real-time booking system that shows the current availability of space. When booking a meeting room, users can also request the necessary equipment for the meeting, such as the TV screen, projector, telephone unit, and laptop. This is a comprehensive room manager and resource scheduling system.

DeskFlex room booking software gives employees quick access to collaboration with other teams. Administrators and users can see who will come to the office at a particular date and time and which office space will be occupied during these bookings.

Analytics and reports provide administrators with overall data on daily, weekly, and monthly office space utilization. The system will generate reports on reservations made, cancellations, changes, and specific users who have checked in to these spaces.

Redesigned office space to accommodate returning employees

Management should emphasize maintaining physical distance, maintaining office hygiene, and monitoring returning employees for symptoms of COVID infection.

DeskFlex room scheduling software upgrades your system with COVID compliance features that facilitate social distance, thermal scanners, mask detection, automatic desk sanitization between uses, and dynamic scheduling. These newly added features are the best and most up-to-date response to pandemic situations.

At DeskFlex, we value our family. Your employees are like your second family at work. We strive to provide industry-wide organizations with the right tools and room scheduling software technology to protect their families and protect them from current pandemics and other potential infection threats at work. I will.

Modern companies are adapting flexible work arrangements that have been set, especially when the COVID blockade occurs. Employees no longer have to occupy a permanent office desk to continue working and get results. Some companies schedule office spaces, meeting rooms, and facilities to keep in touch with colleagues from time to time. Nonetheless, workers are embracing set work from everywhere and are more productive than ever.

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