Why Should I Use Workplace Surveillance Software?

Surveillance Software
Surveillance Software

Are you an entrepreneur who is working day and night to make his/her startup successful? Do you have employees who seem to be hardworking, but their performance is not satisfying? If their performance is degrading gradually, then it is necessary to find out how and where they spend working hours. 

For this purpose, you can rely on TheOneSpy Workplace Surveillance software. Personnel is anxious that tracking their work by bosses will invade their privacy. However, nowadays, remote pc monitoring software employee monitoring has become a common trend in the corporate industry, and now, it does not surprise anyone. The basic motive to deploy the spyware on company-owned devices is to enhance the productivity of the staff members. 

If you will use the tracking software, you will be able to listen to their phone calls secretly to know what sort of discussions they have with other employees or your clients. If they work outside your company’s building, then the GPS location tracking feature can help you know where they exactly are. You can mark safe, unsafe, and restricted zones on Google maps from a remote location. 

The app enables you to keep a check on their emails, messages, and instant messengers on the company’s computers. With the surround recording function, you can hear their nearby voices and conversations with accuracy. It empowers you to record live audio and video calls on the company’s smartphones and tablets. 

You can block and filter all the unsuitable sites to prevent them from wasting time during office hours. To protect the company’s confidential data and important documents, you can generate a backup. You can also control cameras of your corporation’s devices to see what employees are doing in your absence. 

Benefits of Utilizing the Workplace Surveillance Software

Enhanced Performance

According to stats, 64% of team members have admitted that they explore non-work-related sites every day during office hours. 39% of them spend one hour, 29% of them invest two hours, and 20% of them devote five hours on the non-work-related sites every day. 

If your staff members will waste 2 to 5 hours every day, then when will they perform their official duties? That’s why; to prevent them from wasting precious time, you should install the employee monitoring software on the organization’s devices. 

Tracking In Real-Time

When handling a large or remote team, it’s essential to use a real-time employee surveillance tool to have insights into their work. After all, you are not paying them heavy salaries for just enjoying time on social media platforms or playing games on the net. 

The app will assist you quickly evaluate everyone’s activities and fire those who are not serious about their job. You will be able to impose discipline in the office environment that will lead to higher efficiency and greater outcomes. 


If you want to track a phone on the deeds of your team, make sure to obtain a powerful and automated tool. The right software will automatically track them and record their acts just like a little ghost. They can perform their duties and concentrate on work. 


The spyware can incorporate with other software and applications. Once you integrate it with other tools, it supports you to establish, manage, and watch the progress of the projects in a better way than ever. 

Get Reports

Once you install the monitoring app, it will begin sending you accurate and in-depth reports. It can help you gain valuable information about your team’s performance, budget, tools, resources, and many other things. You can also take advantage of the reports for possible audits.  

Key Features of The Employee Tracking App

  • Keep an eye on the exchanged emails
  • Generate data backup for saved information on devices
  • Filter time-wasting sites on smartphones and computers
  • Bosses can track the logs of instant messaging conversations of team
  • Perform live screen recording of laptops and mobile phones with accuracy
  • Secretly capture screenshots of digital gadgets given to staff members
  • Monitor all the keystrokes entered on the targeted device


Workplace Surveillance software is a valuable tool for employers that help them boost their employees’ performance and earn more profits.


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