Why Should You opt for Contact Lenses Instead of Glasses?

Contact Lenses 1
Contact Lenses 1

Over the passing years, lifestyle has changed so much. From colored hair wigs to Halloween contact lenses, to reliable, long-lasting fashion dresses, the couture is changing. But glasses have been fashionably replaced by contact lenses. This is why so many have opted for contact lenses for far and short-sightedness. It is one of the many reasons for choosing contact lenses in place of glasses. Whether its trending eye vogue, low-budget demand, or solace, the decision process must be done, keeping in mind all these features. 

Many optometrists suggest using glasses if you are aiming for long-term use.. But as far as the fashion updates are surpassing each other all the time, the pros of glasses are replaced by advantages of contact lenses.  

Some of the advantages of contact lenses over glasses are mentioned, but you can pick whatever suits you the best.

  • Durability

 The myth that contact lenses will replace glasses over the years because of its high maintenance and even higher reliability, is wrong. This means that with advancements in technology, contact lenses are made with lives too. They are either daily disposable, monthly, or yearly. 

  • Price

Different lenses even have varied suitable prices too. From best like Bausch & Lomb ULTRA to best for sensitive eyes such as Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus, there is no liability to depend on glasses only. You can save some cash too with discounts available at different sites.

  • Reliability 

Either it’s an opportunity to be worn at parties or during summer swimming sessions, contact lenses are entirely reliable. In case you are opting for increased peripheral vision, the lenses, even if they are Halloween contact lenses, colored contacts, are authentic. Summer splashes or sports races don’t let glasses hold you back. 

  • Colored Contact Lenses 

The glasses can hide back your beauty at parties, but a variety is available for lenses. From daytime light-colored lenses to night Halloween contact lenses, many-colored lenses are obtainable. They may be more in price, but it is nothing as compared to the convenience they provide from a diverse range. From light blue contacts to Halloween contact lenses, glasses can never match its assortments.  

  • Treat Myopia 

You can say goodbye to lasers and expensive treatments because contact lenses have now replaced them. Different treatments are available for medicating myopia, the nearsightedness, but one of the most advanced ways to heal is through contact lenses. They help to reshape your cornea. This is done while you are asleep. 

This method is named orthokeratology, also known as ortho-k. 

  • Can be Worn Anywhere 

With the comfort that contact lenses provide, they can be worn anywhere. From foggy mountains to heated beaches, nothing can blur your vision as glasses do. Since they are worn inside your eyes and protected by a biofilm, lenses don’t let you compromise anytime. Your eyes don’t feel heavy, they won’t give you a headache if worn all day, and they will never let you down in fashion too. 

  • Gives Clearer Vision 

Since the generation is now addicted to a laptop or mobile screen, the contact lenses are made with a biofilm above the iris to stop UV rays from entering the eyes. The glasses may give some backscattering and contortions. No such thing can be expected from contact lenses. They completely cover your eyes and provide a clearer vision than simple glasses. No matter how much you pay for glasses, the lens is always a much better option. 

Now let’s move on towards why glasses are a no-go for vision, 

According to a recent study, the glasses are always 13mm away from your eyes, sitting on your nose. This is one of many reasons why glasses give you headaches. They hold you back from your fashion statements. Your eye make-up is hidden behind those big glasses. The vision can sometimes be distorted. The eye takes a lot of time to focus on your screen when behind the glasses. If you are planning long trips to cold areas, the lens of the glasses may get foggy. They may even be appalling if you have a thick frame for your eyesight. They are too uncomfortable and should not be opted for if you are a fashion fanatic. 

 Tips on How You Should Take Care of Lenses

With significant advancements comes excellent care too. Below mentioned are some tips on how you should take care of contact lenses. 

  • Prescription 

Getting a prescribed contact lens after a complete eye checkup from an optometrist should be the topmost priority of the user if it’s the first time for you. Never order online by matching your previous vision number. It can vary in contacts and glasses. Get your eyesight checked every once in 3 months. Never depend on one optometrist. Get a prescribed contact lens to prevent infections in the future. 

  • Gel for Lenses 

Each lens comes with a saline solution. Each contact must be kept separate from each other in this solution. After wearing it all day, the solution disinfects your lens from debris or eye dirt that might cause infection in the future. 

  • Each Eye for its Own 

Never share your lens with anyone else that’s not you. Myopia or hyperopia, the contact lenses must be worn by only one person each time. This can prevent many eye diseases that might be transferred from each other. Name your lenses, put them in your drawer, do whatever you have not to let anyone else wear them. Some optometrists even suggest not wear the left contact lens in right or vice versa. 


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