Will You Be Your Valentine? 3 Tips for Practicing the Art of Self Love

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photo 1529171696861 bac785a448281

Valentine’s Day. We hear it and tend to associate the day with having a sweetheart to dote on. And, depending on our state of happy couple-dom or lack thereof, we either glow with anticipation or want to shrivel up and disappear in a corner somewhere.

What if none of that mattered?

What if your sweetheart was YOU? And you treated yourself like the love of your life?

We, especially as women, tend to take care of everything and everyone else before ourselves. Today I’d like to invite you to turn that way of being upside down. You’ll be a better better-half, mom, daughter, sister, co-worker, girlfriend, friend, and – above all – Self if you first take care of your own needs and happiness, from the inside out.

Feed yourself first with the following “soul food” suggestions:

Catch & release negative self talk.

What goes through your mind when you look in the mirror? How about when you are handed a challenging assignment? Or when you’re slammed with a curve ball that life throws at you? Our minds chatter all day long – this is inevitable. What is NOT inevitable is whether your chatter is positive or negative. Your mind is like a monkey and, and such, can be trained like one.

Here’s how: tune in and “listen” or observe your thoughts as if you’re watching a movie reel unfurling before your mind’s eye. What are you saying to yourself about yourself? Would you say the same things to your best friend? If not, change it. Choose to pause, erase, and replace any negative scripts with more positive one


When’s the last time you really felt refreshed? So thoroughly rested that you woke up with a smile, breathing in a generous sigh of gratitude for feeling so blissfully rejuvenated? Let me guess – it may have been a while. If you’re not rested, you are not only operating at below your potential, you can be moody, indecisive, more prone to getting sick, and gain weight more easily. So give yourself the gift of sleep: at least one night this week, head into bed by 9PM with a good book, drift off to sleep naturally, and let yourself sleep in as late as you need to until you wake up naturally. No work, radio, TV, or alarm clock allowed. Breakfast in bed: optiona


When’s the last time you had so much fun that you forgot all your problems?

This past weekend I took the Ninja Fit class at my friend Mary’s martial arts studio BoulderQuest in Boulder, CO. What I didn’t know going in was that it is a mixed-age class, which ended up being the best surprise! I was giggling as I jumped rope, did shoulder rolls forward and backward, and threw knuckle sandwiches at a punchbag alongside a mussy 4-year-old boy and a brilliant 11-year old girl who had better biceps than I did, among others. Not only did I get the best workout (I’m still sore in muscles I did not know I had 3 days later, even though I already work out 5-7 days a week), I was having so much fun feeling like a kid that I totally forgot about the world outside. check out some other article also: Art group names

What’s one activity you can commit and look forward to this week that will feel like pure play? Maybe you could take acrylic painting tutorials over feel good music in a group set up by you. or just go solo with it and make a lot of money selling it.

And if you’re ready to go even deeper into your relationship with your body, food, and self, contact us at to schedule your complimentary Delicious Discovery Session. brands

May love be yours always.

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