Will Your Business Visa For Australia Expire Soon? Get Legal Help

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A business visa in Australia lets you live and work in Australia permanently. You should not be a citizen or permanent resident to become eligible for this visa. So, are you also the holder of a business visa? You are running an existing business or have started a new business with this visa, right? There are different types of business visas and each comes with a specific duration. If your business is about to expire, then you must get legal help immediately.

Who can help?

A team of Migration Lawyers Perth can provide you the best assistance if your business visa is about to expire. To get started your lawyer will ensure that you are holding a valid visa. This will let you stay in Australia lawfully. It’s better to hire a migration lawyer much before your business visa expires. You lawyer will keep a regular track on your visa’s expiry date. Accordingly, your lawyer will ask you to take proper steps on time to stay in Australia lawfully.

The different types of business visa options in Australia

So, before delving even deeper, let’s take a look at the various business visa options in Australia. A comprehensive introduction to each of these visa options can be considered below.

Business Talent (Permanent) Visa Subclass 132

It is a permanent resident visa. It allows eligible holders continue their existing business or start a new business in Australia. Applicants need to produce their pertinent capital funding/annual turnover and minimum assets and net worth. It is only after that when their 132 visa will get granted. They should be nominated by a state/territory government apart from meeting the other essential requirements.

Territory or State Sponsored Business Visa Subclass 892

The visa subclass 892 is a permanent resident visa. Applicants must have obtained a sponsorship from a territory/state to become eligible for this visa. With this visa applicants can run their existing businesses in Australia. You must meet the essential health, character and business criteria to apply for this visa successfully. With this visa you can stay in Australia for 5 years. 

Business Owner Visa Subclass 890

Applicants who have stayed in Australia with either visa subclass 165 or 160 can apply for this visa. Their stay duration must be one year within the last 24 months to become eligible. This is a permanent visa and lets you stay in Australia for 5 years. With this visa you can run your existing visa in Australia successfully. You can travel to and from Australia with this visa unless your visa remains valid. You must prove a reasonable business experience to become eligible for this visa.

How your migration lawyer in Perth can help you?

If your business visa is about to expire, then, you must choose to renew it immediately. Contact one of the best migration lawyers to get the finest assistance in this matter. According to your business visa type, your lawyer will suggest you the best methods and strategies to implement. By executing these methods and strategies, you can avoid a sudden deportation due your visa expiry.

Verify your visa expiry date and criteria thoroughly

As you already know that each of the visas above comes with a separate expiry date. So, you should keep a constant track on your visa requirements and expiry date. Doing all these things alone without the right legal knowledge is next to impossible. When you hire a migration lawyer in Perth, you can remain stress-free about the sudden expiry of your visa.  This is because your lawyer will suggest the best visa option before your business visa expires.

Go for a visa renewal

There are many ways to stay in Australia if your visa is on the verge of expiring. A top-notch migration lawyer in Perth usually considers a visa renewal one of the best ways concerning this matter. Depending on your individual circumstances your lawyer will suggest the best visa option. Your lawyer will ask you the right steps to follow too. By doing so, you can remain in Australia lawfully while applying for your new visa.

What can you do as a permanent resident?

Does your business visa allow you to stay in Australia as a permanent resident for 5 years? If this duration is about to expire, then, you must look for obtaining an alternative visa. In this context, to apply for the Resident Return Visa is the best option. Your Immigration lawyers Perth will assist you to apply for this visa flawlessly. By doing so you can return to Australia lawfully as a permanent resident. You cannot apply for this visa if your visa has expired when you were outside Australia.

Contact the best migration lawyers in Perth!

So, is your business visa also on the verge of expiring? Then, hire a visa lawyer in Perth to get the best legal assistance.


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