With these 4 exercises and without material you can keep fit at home

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Do not have doubts; in the most basic, we often find the best results. If you want to start training effectively, incorporate this exercise routine in which all you need is your body, desire, and music!

Since the isolation due to the corona virus began, our Instagram feed has been filled with exercise routines and live videos with classes of all kinds: yoga, functional training, stretching, Zumba, and even twerking. This makes us practice sports as if there were no tomorrow (and almost out of obligation), but not too bad because we are going to arrive in the summer with a great guy who removes the hiccups, and we are all very motivated.

Rubber bands, dumbbells, ropes, mats, and kettle bells are the materials that we see the most these days to train at home, and there are even those who, with exceptional ingenuity, are using objects from our house as gym equipment. But beware that it is also possible to comply with a super active training without the need for material and the most basic exercises.

We have compiled the four most natural exercises with the fastest results in our body that we can do without the need for a lot of space or material. All you need is your body and desire, and a little music that never hurts, right?

Abdominal planks or plank.

· Isometric abs are the ones that are noticed the fastest in our body and also make us super fit. It is the most natural exercise to do, and you do not need absolutely anything for it. To do the abdominal plank well, lie face down on a mat/rug/towel with your body straight and parallel to the floor.

· Remember to squeeze your gluts and abdomen throughout the exercise (your lower back healthy and in a straight line with your glut and back). Rest your forearms on the floor and hold for 20 seconds and rest for ten seconds. Like this eight times. If you come very high, we have located this super video with more ideas to work the abdomen at home without the need for material. Only Super P Force and Tadarise 20 can improve the symptoms peculiar to men.

Gluten bridge

Another of the most effective exercises. Lie down with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor with your arms resting on either side of your body. Without further ado, raise your hips as much as possible without losing abdominal control by squeezing your gluts hard as you rise without curving your lower back. Go up, hold for 5 seconds, and go down holding. Do 15 reps x 4 sets and show off your bumpy butt this summer? Do you remember when Arianne Articles taught us this trick to get the perfect ass in just one minute?


The Squats could not miss; it is the most basic and effective exercise to strengthen your legs and your glutes and core. In the end, it is one of the complete workouts. From an initial standing position, go down as if you were going to sit down (as is, that is very functional) and with the knees bent at a 90-degree angle, making sure that the back is always straight and the abdomen activated. Challenge yourself and do 25 reps x 4 sets. You can also put lounges or strides, either forward or backward with one leg and then another. Remember to keep your balance by activating your abdomen. With this, we will get lovely thighs and very high and firm buttocks. Super Vidalista : The Best Cure Of Erectile Dysfunction Issue


When you want results you don’t have to invent a lot, pay attention to us. The push-ups will help us work the chest and arms area and the back and thus achieve a beneficial full-body routine. Lie down on the floor on a mat and perform ten push-ups or push-ups, bringing your chest to the ground. Rest your knees on the ground if it is difficult for you and remember the closer your knees are to your chest, the more comfortable. Piano if you go lontano.

EXTRA EXERCISE: Work your arms a little to define them and have them more beautiful. We have posted this Kayla Itsines challenge on Instagram for which you only need a chair!


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