You’ve Had Your First Car Accident – Should you hire a lawyer?

Car Accident

You’ve had your first car accident, and you’re not sure what to do or who to call. You don’t know how to file a police report, and you’re not sure if you need a lawyer. The good news is that you don’t need to face the challenge of dealing with the aftermath of your first accident alone.

A lawyer can help you by taking care of many aspects of your case. Here are some reasons why hiring a car accident attorney in Pennsylvania after an auto injury makes sense.

Why it Makes Sense to Hire a Car Accident Attorney in Pennsylvania

1. They can Negotiate With Car Insurance Companies

Car insurance companies have their lawyers on retainer, who negotiate with other attorneys on behalf of their clients. This means they’re likely better at negotiating than you are, especially if you aren’t familiar with how insurance companies operate or how much they tend to pay out in settlements and verdicts. 

An experienced car accident attorney in Pennsylvania will know what to do when it comes to negotiating with an insurance company so that they can get you the best possible deal in your situation.

2. They Know What Evidence You Need for Your Case

After an accident, there is typically a lot of evidence left behind. The police may have taken photos or videos of the scene from security cameras that could prove useful in proving who was at fault for the accident. A lawyer will know what evidence needs to be collected so that your case can be as strong as possible.

3. They Have Access to Police Reports 

The police report also contains information about any witnesses who saw what happened and even photos taken at the accident scene. This can be very helpful when negotiating with insurance companies about paying for injuries or damages caused by an auto accident.

4. They will Speak with Witnesses

If witnesses were present, they might provide important evidence that can help prove who was at fault for the crash. Hiring an attorney will ensure that the witnesses are adequately interviewed and their statements are documented correctly.

5. They will Estimate Your Damages

When you’ve been in an accident, it’s challenging to determine what compensation you may be entitled to. A lawyer specializing in this area can help you estimate your damages and put together a case to get you the maximum amount possible.

6. They will Determine Fault

You may tell right away who is at fault for the crash, but this isn’t always so easy. If multiple drivers were involved in the accident, it would be necessary to determine how much each contributed to the crash and how much each person should pay. A lawyer can help with this process. They have experience determining who was at fault and how much they should pay out-of-pocket.

7. Represent You at Trial

If your accident goes to court, you will need someone who knows how the legal system works and can represent your case effectively. A lawyer can help ensure that they present all facts properly and that any evidence may be admissible in court.


It’s always good to get a lawyer involved in an accident, even if you think that the other party is entirely at fault. A lawyer can save you money by ensuring that you’re adequately compensated for your injuries, medical bills, and lost wages.


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