15 Short Natural Haircuts to Bring to Your Stylist


Fixing a hairstyle can sometimes take from 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you don’t want to spend your time in front of the mirror but still want to look naturally beautiful, you should try short haircuts. Short hair styles are especially popular among women of all age groups. Even short hair can offer you feminine and cool look. It can also create you much charm and grace. If you want something fresh, you can choose a gorgeous layered Short Hairstyle For Girls

For the beautiful and brave females, here are the new trend; short female haircuts:

1.Very Short spiked pixie haircut

Short Spiky hairstyles are widespread among women because they can suit so many styles. An edgy punky style goes brilliantly with short spiky hair, but it is also a great short hairstyle for older women who don’t want to keep their hair long. Even though the hair is short, there are lots of different cuts and styling methods to try, so that you can wear your short spiky hairstyle exactly as you like it. Also, you can use it in summer. Short spiky style will save you sweating in summer and give you time for fun. 

2. Classy layered pixie

Try this beautiful choppy pixie for a style that is youthful and timeless at all times. This cut is the perfect mix between sleek and messy. For some bedhead-inspired style, you can slick it back for an evening wear look, or rely on a texturizing product.

2. Thick bob with layers

Cute Pixie With Layers And Sideburns

Gray hair colour trend that young girls often prefer, shows itself in short hair too! This hairstyle brings out your youthful appeal. With this hairstyle you can flaunt your beauty in summer as well as in winter.

3. Blonde pixie bob style

See the source image

Blonde Pixie Bob hair style is for a modern look, especially for business women. 

4. Pixie with side bangs

Easy Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Pixie crop texture, one of the most preferred haircuts for young women, If  you really have the courage to test a new short hair, you should definitely try the layered cropped pixie style.

5. Fine short hair

Layered Blonde Balayage Bob

The layered bob style haircut that many celebrities prefer is a very good option for women with thin and fine hair. We suggest you try this style to make your hair look bulky and fluffy. We recommend that you do your hair straight when you use this haircut, because this is the best thing to do for your bob style!

6. Short bob cut

Straight Cut Short Bob

Soft wispy layers look really adorable for fine blonde hair!

7. Boyish haircut for girls

Very Short Choppy Cut For Girls

Boyish girls totally love these hairstyles! Just a simple way to look cute, low-maintenance, wash and go hairstyle for wild young ladies, isn’t it?

8. Messy razored pixie bob

Long Choppy Messy Pixie

Hey, messy is good sometimes. For example, take this voluminous bob – it wouldn’t be almost as full if it weren’t for the teased layers. The disheveled look and the flyaways are strategic and stylish.

9. Curled under sleek brown bobShort Layered Brunette Bob

Do you want something a little cleaner and more polished? Cut a bob with very light layers which easily blend and give your hair a flattering shape. When you style, curl your ends in to prevent them from flipping and shape your perfect it-girl bob

10. Jagged and angled blonde balayage bob
Choppy Wavy Bob With Chunky Blonde Highlights

A modern bobsleigh isn’t just one long cut your hair at an angle, with irregular layers throughout, shorter in the back and longer towards the front. For a dynamic duo-tone look, alternate different colors between your short layers using the balayage technique. Form loose waves using a curling wand

11. Sliced tousled bob with bangsChoppy Wispy Bronde Bob

Cute short haircuts are available in a diverse and endless selection. Whether you’re looking sweet, casual or elegant, something is there for you. Using bangs, wispy layers and a sun-kissed balayage to make your bob special. Apply texture to actually dial it into a knot.

12. Nape-length chocolate brown bob

Cute Short Chocolate Brown Bob

Short hairstyles can help you achieve your goal, if you want to look perky and cute. Cut the back straight across the nape, and leave in the front a few longer pieces. The chocolate-brown color is natural and down-to – earth, ideal for girls and women who prefer a simple, straightforward haircut.

13. Ash blonde layered bob with black rootChoppy Platinum Bob

The combining of a cropped layered cut in two completely different colors produces a very cool hairstyle that works with all hair textures. An inverted choppy bob for instance looks fantastic on its own. But add in a platinum color with exposed dark roots, and all of a sudden, like no other, you’ve got an edgy hairstyle.

14. Neat feathered pixie cutWomen's Short Textured Tapered Cut

Short layered hairstyles also provide a great deal of leeway in choosing the length and finish of your piece. The short pixie is a very dependable choice. Feathered layers lift their femininity in the event that you escape the look of a school-boy. Not to say, that’s not that cute either. There is, however, obviously something endearing about a pixie cut.

15. Rounded bob with dimensional layers

In case of doubt add texture. It brings life to every cut, particularly when it comes to bobs. A warm balayage keeps this cut really on trend and the elegant lines keep it sophisticated and polished. This makes it perfect for any woman, whether you are on an errand in the office or attending a special event
Short Haircut With Angled Layers

Currently, short layered hairstyles in the fashion and beauty industry are really trending. They are sassy, sultry, chic or sweet. 

Karma Lhundrup


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