3 Things to Know To Support Your Babies Immune System


If you’ve been spending lots of time lately researching your Wellements immune support options, chances are good that you may be looking for ways to support your baby’s immune system as he or she grows up. Keeping your child in good health and ensuring his or her immunity is strong and resilient can help ensure as healthy a future as possible. Whatever developmental stage your child may currently be in, there are several ways to support his or her immunity. Here’s what you need to know first.

Meeting Your Child’s Needs Depending on Their Stage of Development

If you’ve ever wondered why do babies need vitamin D or why your kids require so much sleep early on, you may already be familiar with the different stages of infant development. As your little one grows, his or her immunity needs can change. In order to successfully meet your child’s needs depending on his or her stage of development, there are a few key facts you need to know. Keep in mind that:

  • Babies born by C-section are not exposed to birth canal bacteria and may need early monitoring for certain illnesses such as type 1 diabetes or asthma
  • Infants who breastfeed for at least a few weeks may develop a stronger immune system and may be able to ward off certain diseases later in life
  • Young toddlers require a balanced diet full of nutritious fruits and vegetables
  • All children require daily exercise and physical activity to stay healthy
  • Kids of all ages need to be shielded from toxins such as secondhand smoke or chemicals such as pesticides
  • Children starting preschool may need to start using hand sanitizer or washing their hands with soap and water more often to avoid picking up illnesses from other schoolchildren

Quality Vs. Quanity For Your Little One

Rather than trying every possible immunity remedy out there and overwhelming your little one, try to focus on achieving quality rather than quantity. For example, just a few Wellements organic multivitamin drops could provide the nutritional supplementation your baby needs, rather than trying to feed your child excessive amounts of food that could end up upsetting his or her tummy. To support your baby’s immune system, you should:

  1. Focus on picking out nutritious whole foods appropriate for your child’s age and stage of development rather than stocking up on cheaper and less nutritious foods;
  2. Get your child to sleep on time and make sure he or she is getting 10 to 16 hours of sleep per night, depending on his or her age;
  3. Keep your home clean to avoid the spread of disease-carrying germs.

Keeping your baby’s immune system strong and resilient as he or she grows and develops is essential. If you’re not sure what you need to do to support your baby’s immunity, simply refer back to this easy guide. By taking healthy steps appropriate to your child’s stage of development and focusing on quality food, quality sleep and a quality environment for your little one, you can help boost his or her immunity from the earliest age possible.


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