4 Important Guidelines For Purchasing Two-Way Radios

Two-Way Radios

When you have a team doing electrical work in a large commercial building, you always need to know how your other team members are doing. Like with any other team, you have to communicate with each other at all times and provide updates on what you are doing? Communication is critical all the time whenever you want to get the job done as a team. 

In some cases, communicating with your other team members might become difficult, so you need to buy radios to communicate more effectively. Radios are an essential tool for anyone that needs to talk with other workers from a distance. If you don’t know about two way radios, here are some tips for selecting the right one. 

1. Determine the Radio’s Maximum Range

The first thing you have to know when choosing a two-way radio is how far you can communicate with other people effectively. You can find radios that are only effective at sending and receiving signals from a certain distance, and then the signal will be lost once you move apart farther. 

If your job requires you to be in different parts of the area, you should get two-way radios with a maximum range of up to five kilometres or more to communicate effectively with other people. Other factors like the type of surface the structure has can affect your radio signal

2. Knowing the Number of Radios You Need

The budget will always determine every company that needs tools and equipment. But, most of the time, they will always prioritise their workers who are out providing their services to clients, and they need to provide them with the correct number of radio equipment.

You might need to communicate with all of your team members when you are out working, so you have to provide them with a radio of their own. Ensure that everyone has an effective communication method at the workplace and get the job done at the right time. Two-way radios are a worker’s best friend, so you have to ensure that they get radios to let them communicate with others. 

3. Determining the Number of Radio Channels

In some cases, you might have sub-teams within your team that each has a specific job to handle. When you want to communicate with a specific sub-team, you might find it difficult because all of you are on the same radio channel. That is why two-way radios let you select different channels and ensure you can only talk with specific people. 

Two-way radio helps to clear out radio interference and create an easy way for the team members to communicate without interruption. It would help if you had those multiple channels, especially when you are not the only member in the team using Two-way radios within the vicinity. Some of your workers might accidentally talk or share personal information with another group, and you would never want that to happen. 

4. Choose a Longer Battery Lifespan

If your team works for more hours, you will need radios that can withstand up to hours of continuous use. You might also want to choose the fast-charging radios so that anyone can use them right away. When buying two-way radios, a good tip is to have a backup if you have extra workers coming in or need to replace a damaged radio.

If you follow the recommendations above, you should have no trouble selecting the correct type of two-way radio.


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