Every successful business requires efficient and effective promotional strategies. The fact that most brands spend a majority share of their revenue on promotion and advertising is a no-brainer. In Australia, businesses spend an average of 1.7 billion AUD every year solely on advertising and promotion. This figure includes all avenues of promotion – social media, print media, commercials and advertisements across media, promotional and branded merchandise, etc. Advertising and promotional agencies come up with some creative and innovative promotional products in Australia


Promotional product decisions require in-depth target audience research for maximum effect. The products must resonate with the intended audience and lead to an increase in sales and customer base. The promotional product should pique the audience’s interest and encourage new audiences to try the brand’s products and services.

Additionally, the ideal promotional products should also,

  • Attract target demographic
  • Functional
  • Entice new audiences
  • Relay brand message
  • In-theme with brand identity and values
  • Related to brand’s products and/or services (Varies according to brand)
  • Relevant to the times and target audience


Businesses are spoilt for choice for promotional product options in Australia, and several agencies are offering this service for businesses. Both established companies and start-ups can avail their services to grow their business.


Electronics are probably the most relevant products across age groups. Almost everyone uses some electronic device or the other, ranging from music devices to phones, tablets and laptops. While electronic devices can seem like a costly investment for promotion, there are also more affordable options. For example, flash drives, USBs, power banks, earphones, etc. These products cost less when bought in bulk and are also useful to people. Additionally, they also have enough surface area for brands to print their logos, messages and more.


Clothing merchandise is an ideal option for established brands, which have a loyal customer base that identifies with their message. But there are still few items that brands can use with promotional messages that reflect their identity. For example, brands with fancy or motivational taglines can promote themselves using gym accessories like bags, wristbands, headbands etc. Bags are always an excellent promotion option, but they are also overdone. A unique way to present a promotional bag would be to print more than just the logo and message, for example, including fancy patterns or prints in contemporary trends.

Stress Accessories

Several stress toys make waves across the globe, ranging from the plushie octopus to the smiley ball. The best part of a stress toy is that it doesn’t have to come in a set shape as long as it is squeezable. Brands like Boost Promotional Products have a range of unique shapes of stress toys from microphones, boxing gloves, cows, sheep, clocks and more. These toys or figures also have ample space for the brand to print its logo, message and other relevant material.


Stationery is probably one of the most useful products that any audience will enjoy. Branding these products are also relatively easy and affordable. Brands can showcase their creativity by choosing uniquely shaped pens and notebooks. Additionally, there is a range of stationery for them to experiment with. For example, sticky notes, bookmarks, page markers, highlighters, printed tape, stationery sets, art supplies, etc.

The Australian promotions market saw an increase in value by nearly 30% in the last year. This statistic shows the rising significance of promotional avenues in Australia. Advertisements, Media, Social Media, and Promotional products in Australia are some of the biggest contenders of promotional strategies.


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