4 Things To Remember While Shopping For Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

When it comes to proposing to the love of your life, ensuring that the moment gets created timelessly is the vital target. From flower decors to air-filled balloons, shopping for all the basics to plan your dream proposal does not get complete without the ring! Buying the right engagement ring for your better half could be the most significant investment in your relationship. However, amidst versatile options and several price ranges, making the appropriate choice can also be daunting. From choosing the right gemstone to colour and metal, there are pretty few intricate points one will have to pay attention to. 

Understanding the differences between colours, metal mixes, and gemstones necessitates a basic understanding of each. However, if you are looking forward to surprising your partner anytime soon yet do not want to go wrong with the combination, here is a list of factors to consider and tips to follow.


If you are juggling between gemstone options that will go on the ring, blindly choose diamonds. Of course, Australian diamonds have a legacy over rings and picking this rare gemstone will never go wrong with fashion and elegance. Two things you can check over quality diamonds are the clarity and cut. 

The higher the clarity of the diamond, the better its value. So, always look for diamonds that have lesser blemishes, which defines their grade. With the cut, it is necessary to look if the diamond on the ring is evenly cut. To do this, you can cross-check how sparkling or radiant the stone is. The more it reflects light, the better is its cut quality. 

Decide The Colour

Once you decide to go with diamonds, you will come across multiple colour choices. From classic white to elegant pink, there are versatile hues and shades under each coloured diamond. If you would like to go with rarer diamonds, always pick diamonds with less colour in them. Though colour preference is wholly a personal choice, here are some basics to know. 

The lesser their colour, the rarer they are. Also, remember that rings need not always have white diamonds on them. Never be afraid to shift from the trending track and go bold with colour choices. You can even choose yellow diamonds that signify elegance and compassion or even pink diamonds, which symbolises love and romanticism.

Finding The Appropriate Metal

The next significant factor to consider is the metal for the band. Only the right metal can uplift the appeal of the ring. When it comes to the options, you will find gold, platinum and silver taking the front seat. With gold, you will have white gold, rose gold, grey gold, yellow gold, etc. However, the choice of the metal for the band depends on the stone and the colour you choose. For instance, if you have chosen white diamonds for the ring, platinum or white gold can be the best band option. 

Analysing The Price

Though an engagement ring is an influential investment, always ensure that you never blow up your budget during the buy. However, it is necessary to make a budget, considering the 4C’s of the diamond. Also, make sure you account and analyse the carat and the size of the diamond. Thus, on the bottom line, ensure that you make the best buy and get the best price. You can also check out the warranty options and free repair options. 


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