4 Ways On How Can Pipe Relining Help with Aging Pipes


As the capital of NSW territory, you will find a robust housing market in Sydney. Numerous suburbs offer a mix of single-detached houses, townhomes, and apartments. It is fitting because this cosmopolitan town is the most densely populated in Australia. And one of the primary things people prioritise is safe and secure shelter. 

As a homeowner, one of the things you must worry about is pipe relining in Sydney, especially if you’ve got an older property with aging pipes. Maintenance is one of the things you must prioritise to keep your house functional. Though it may seem cumbersome to do, you will benefit by staying vigilant because nipping problems ahead can prevent escalations. Thankfully, you can count on a reliable plumbing service to help you out. Find out more about how you can stay on top of your aging pipes. 

Why Should You Be Concerned About Aging Pipes?

No matter the kind of pipe you have, whether PVC, copper or iron, they will experience normal wear and tear with the passing of time. As the pipes become older, you may end up dealing with corrosion or rusting. Another issue is sedimentation buildup due to water particles. If it is your drain system, it could come from many things like:

  • Grease
  • Soap scum
  • Shed skin
  • Waste 
  • Particles

Pressure can also inadvertently cause tiny cracks to form. Eventually, this can lead to holes. Another culprit is tree root invasion, where nearby trees get drawn to the moisture in the pipes. As a result, the roots create cracks or completely block the pipes. Unfortunately, wear and tear are pretty normal, but most homeowners don’t think about it until a major problem occurs. 

What Will Happen if Pipes are Left Untreated? 

If damaged pipes are neglected, it will result in very expensive leaks. The fine lines in your main water line can result in a major water leak and emergency flooding. This is not just a pesky nuisance that skyrockets your water bill. But all that water can result in inexpensive property damage. 

Meanwhile, blocked sewer drains can also lead to back-flowing dirty water, which is very unsanitary and unhygienic. For this reason, you need pipe maintenance, with regular sewer camera inspection and pipe cleaning. If you live in an older house, you may consider pipe relining in Sydney to mitigate any major problems. 

What Does a Pipe Relining Service Entail?

Pipe relining provides a modern solution to damaged plumbing, drain pipes, and sewer lines. Unfortunately, many of these pipes are buried beneath the ground. In the past, repairing them meant digging trenches all over your yard. As a result, the construction zone becomes chaotic and creates a lot of collateral damage in the area. 

Thankfully, with innovation, a pipe relining system allows plumbers to spot issues with a tiny underground camera. Once they spot the problem, they inject an epoxy lining into the interior of the pipes. This plastic hardens and cures in place, making your piping walls good as new. In addition, the lining plugs any holes and fills up cracks as it becomes hard. So, in the end, you will have a new pipe inside an old pipe without digging up anything in your yard. 

What Signs Indicate That You Need This Service?

If you notice any unusual smells, noises in the pipes, or leaks, you should contact your plumber immediately. These are red flags that indicate that something is brewing in your pipes. Then, you need to address the source and nip the problem in the bud. Staying proactive with maintenance and repairs can help you avoid a costly disaster. 


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