5 Things To Remember Before Planning A Bucks Party


Sydney is a vibrant and dynamic city that offers various leisure and entertainment facilities, from museums, parks, open spaces, sporting venues, theatres, and of course, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. So if you are planning to hold any special event such as a bucks party in Sydney, you would have a plethora of choices as far as venue and activity is concerned. 

There are very few wedding-related events during wedding preparations where the groom can participate. Still, the most highly anticipated would have to be his bucks party because it is a chance for a groom to get together with his closest friends and say goodbye to single life before starting a new chapter with his wife. Depending on the groom’s personality, the event could be as simple as gathering a small number of friends for a night out in the town or an elaborate weekend cruise for the groom’s squad. 

Bucks parties are traditionally planned by a groom’s best man with the help of their other close friends. But who says that brides are not allowed to prepare for their groom’s bucks party? So if you are planning to surprise your groom with a bucks party in sydney, here is a list of what you need to do to give him the best night of his life. 

Determine The Guest List

This task may be harder than you think, especially if your man has many friends and deciding on who you think your groom would want to spend celebrating his last weekend as a single man may be a daunting task. However, experts would always advise that the groom should at least be asked who he wants to spend his bucks party with because it is, after all, a party in his honour. 

Pick the Perfect Location

Before you pick out the perfect location for your groom’s bucks party, you should first figure out the event’s theme. Experts suggest that the theme should always match the groom’s personality. What is his favourite sport and team? Is he into fishing, camping, or hiking? Has he always mentioned wanting to go on a cruise? Determining the vibe of your groom’s event would help pick out the perfect location for the event. 

Select the Date

Bucks parties are usually held 1-3 months before the actual wedding. Once you have a probable guest list, you should set a weekend to meet with them to get their input on which date would work best for them and hope that they can agree on one specific date when they will all be available. Once you have a date set, your planning can begin. 

Book a Venue

If you are sending your groom for a destination bucks party, consider renting a house instead of several hotel rooms to give him and his friends unlimited choices of fun activities. For example, they could do card games, watch sports on a big screen TV while drinking beer and munching on bar food. House rentals would also be easier on the wallet as your groom and his friends can bring in food and other groceries instead of going out for their meals. 

Plan Activities

Bucks parties are not just about drinking, so you should plan several activities that your groom and his friends can do and enjoy. Depending on the event’s theme, make sure all necessary accessories, gear, and equipment have been packed and ready. Of course, if it is a surprise event, you might need your groom’s friends to bring it with them for you. 

And that is all there is to it. All you have to do now is sit back, relax, and hope that your groom comes back from his special weekend celebration with a grin on his face and a grateful heart. 


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