7 Amazing Tips for Outsourcing App Development

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Once you have made up your mind to develop a mobile app for your business, then you should plan carefully how to outsource app development process if you lack the in-house expertise to do it on your own.

If you do have in-house capabilities to build a mobile app, then nothing beats it because you have full control over the app development process.

However, if you are a small or mid-size company with limited resources, it would be a costly proposition to have your own app development team just to build and maintain your mobile app.

Your only option is to find a company with a great reputation in the market with a highly skilled team, and competitive app development package to create a functional feature-rich mobile app.

When you outsource the development of your mobile app to another company then it brings in a lot of value to the table.

Any company whose work profile revolves around mobile app development has several specialists with a range of skill sets in their respective domains.

Due to their incredible experience, they can address any problem that comes up during the app development process head-on and resolve it promptly.

Outsourcing the app development to a third party reduces the development cost which is very important for a small or mid-sized business that cannot afford to keep its app development team.

To help you in this regard, we have shared with you some important points about how to outsource app development to a third party.

7 tips on how to outsource app development process

Create an outline for the app

You must have a clear idea of what your mobile app should have and the product should look like (you can refine the look later on with the help of experts).

A clear vision about your requirement is crucial if you are working with an individual app developer.

It will not only help you to find out the best app developers but also convey to them what you need in clear terms so that there is no chance of miscommunication.

To create the outline of the mobile app you must ponder over these points.

·         What is your business strategy for the mobile app?

·         What pain points of your customers the app should address?

·         Do you want to create an iOS or an Android app (or a cross-platform app)?

·         Are you interested in creating and hybrid app?

·         What important features your mobile app should have?

Carefully research the company

Once you have outlined the requirement for the mobile app, the next step is to find out more about the company that will develop the app for you.

You must take time and research online to figure out which company has the experience to create the app that you need for your business.

You can look at the portfolios of the companies that you have shortlisted and check out their products to find the best amongst them having a huge experience in creating similar apps in the past.

Once you have selected a company, you must make sure that they fully understand your requirements.

You should explain in detail what kind of platform you want, the important features that should be put in the app and so on.

Clear about your budget and timeline

You must expressly instruct the app development company about your timeline as well as the budget.

Include these points in the agreement so that you do not get a nasty surprise later on if the company demands a higher figure than they have quoted initially.

Do regular reviews

You should regularly review the progress of the app development company.

This will ensure that not only the app development process stays on track, but also the app developer is strictly following the set goals and staying within the budget.

To keep an eye on the ongoing project you can make use of any free project management tools or you can communicate directly with the company by using Skype or Hangout.

Protect the app idea

If you want to create a unique app for your business so that you can stand out in a crowd, then the idea must be protected.

To do this you must sign a nondisclosure contract with the app designing agency so that information relating to the app and any important data they have used in it remains confidential.

Test the app

When the app development process reaches the beta stage, then you must rigorously test its performance.

As you know what the app should look like and function it should perform, you must advise the app development team to fine-tune the mobile app to satisfy your requirement during the testing process.

Rigorous testing of the app at your end will ensure that it runs flawlessly when you launch it at the app store.

Support and maintenance

Hiring the services of a partner to develop your mobile app allows you to take their services to handle the maintenance job after the app is launched in the app store.

The company will provide regular updates, fix bugs, and take care of any technical glitches so that your app continues to work flawlessly and help you reach the goal you have set for creating this app.


Finding the right mobile app development company amongst a plethora of such companies in the market is a challenging task.

However, taking your time to find the right company after doing due diligence not only gets you a high-value cost-effective product to help your business but also a happy working experience with the app developing team. 


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