What do you need when participating in Digital Marketing?

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austin distel tLZhFRLj6nY unsplash

An undeniable trend is that digital marketing is increasingly important in the advertising strategy of companies, organizations, big or small. Even industries that have long relied on traditional advertising channels such as retail and luxury have begun to gradually shift to this new playground. This shift is not only reflected in the increase in funding for digital marketing channels in 2015, but also clearly in the personnel market. A quick look at the HR recruitment pages can see hundreds of jobs in digital marketing are being recruited by many different companies.

Not only in terms of personnel, even the market is changing with the emergence of more and more companies involved in digital marketing, many of which have been traditional advertising. . Most of them are companies specializing in events, events, TVC, billboard advertising, printing but now expand to the field of digital marketing. This has also led to a shift in personnel from traditional marketing to digital marketing in recent times. More and more people who have been working on branding, events, and execs want to learn more or move on to digital marketing because they feel the development of this segment and see it as an opportunity to expand their knowledge or new career opportunities.

Whether you are one of the traditional marketers or you are a newcomer who wants to learn and dive deeper into this Digital field, you should know what difficulties there will be and how to respond to it. do better. Here are some of my most frequently asked questions and my advice for them, hopefully useful for you just getting started in Digital Marketing.

I do not know where to start?

Digital Marketing is a very wide array with lots of different channels. For a newcomer, I recommend that you first have an overview of all the channels that Digital currently has and what each channel is for, what is the purpose? What is an overview article of Digital Marketing? to refer. After you have had an overview, you can now select an array to focus on first and then gradually expand to related areas. For example, you can start with SEO, then when you have enough background knowledge, continue to learn more about SEM, then you can start through to Content Marketing then through Social Marketing, etc.

Should I focus on an array or know it all?

 Naturally, you can focus on one channel and become an expert in that channel if you want, but you cannot, so you should skip learning about other channels, because:

– Know more about other channels that will help you do better for the channel you are undertaking, for example, if you have knowledge of Content Marketing, you can use this channel to create better content and do better SEO. .

– Companies now need people who can handle many tasks, for example, you see many jobs that require you to know how to run Adwords ads, Facebook and at the same time know how to optimize the website.

– Integrated marketing is an indispensable trend, you can do your advertising channel well but the next step is how you can combine the advertising channels together (for example, combining SEO and SEM) to create a better effect.

Does digital marketing require a lot of technique?

You do not need to know programming or coding to be able to do Digital Marketing (however, if you know it is an advantage) but make sure you will have to learn and understand the basic knowledge of technology. and industry terms. If you don’t know what CMS like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, or terms like ad network, display ads, paid search, cpm, cpc, cpa mean, then you know you still need to learn a lot. The time that you can turn a blind eye to technology is coming to an end, start the process of technological blindness for yourself.

Digital marketing why so much analysis?

Unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing has the tools and methods to be able to measure more closely the activities of the channels. And one thing that is definitely part of your time in Digital Marketing is putting your head on the numbers and drawing conclusions about how well the campaigns run for each campaign. Based on these conclusions you will have to find ways to improve and optimize the effectiveness of your advertising. And like other advertising channels, when you use the company’s money to advertise, you will have to explain the effectiveness and results obtained from these channels. So start getting used to analyzing and looking at numbers. Read more about analytical tools and A / B testing.

Should I enroll in a Digital Marketing course?

Whether or not to go to school is up to you and I personally have never attended any course, so I cannot make comments about the quality or recommend to any party. However, I have a view like this: self-study is always what will help you succeed. All the courses are simply a collection of everything that is available online and free for you. If you have the ability to self-study, you will be able to do these things yourself at no cost and because of self-study, you will surely remember longer and absorb more. Today with Google you can find almost every document and information you need about something to read. 

For example, it’s not easy for small businesses to handle the nuances of marketing and advertising. And when you don’t have the right marketing strategy to quickly track business growth, making a profit and maintaining your business becomes almost impossible. It is even more difficult if marketing doesn’t come naturally and you don’t have a big enough budget to hire an expert or take marketing courses. You can search tips of marketing for your business yourself which can help you make more sales, and strategize on a budget yourself.

In addition, if you learn by yourself, besides book knowledge you can also have practical knowledge. Why? For example, instead of paying a amount to learn a course on advertising on Facebook, you use that money and set up your own Facebook ads to run (run for your mom’s home shop, or your kid’s website) and thereby learn from the extremely useful practical experiences that are difficult for you to take.

The above is just a personal opinion about learning, does not mean going to school is bad. Just with Digital Marketing as well as everything else in life, if you can learn by yourself, you will go far.


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