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Web Design

You might have never thought or realised it but it is true that the design of your website has a lot to do with the purchasing behaviour of your visitors; as much as that it actually persuade them to buy the products.

‘Design’ is not a simple thing to handle. It takes herculean task to create something that appeal to customers. It is not just the high resolution images, graphics, videos or crisp texts about the products that adorn a website but there are many other things such as presenting products in certain manner that highlight their characteristics and drawing attention of a visitor towards these characteristics.

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  Consider this example. What is the first thing, you wish to look at when you buy a phone online? It is image? Isn’t it? So, you see the 2D images of different phones and start surfing the site from start to end. You keep surfing for an hour or two but still couldn’t decide the model that meet your requirements. You get frustrated and log on to any other site. Here, you get 3D images of all the phones, which actually make your life easier as the only thing you are worried about is the ‘thickness’ of the phone, which was not possible to calculate in 2D images.

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When you started surfing the images, even you were not aware that ‘thickness’ of the phone is something that fascinate you the most. You discovered this only when you see the 3D images. It is quite possible that you buy a product that you had rejected on the first site. But, with the 3D image you get a better idea about its slim and sleek look.

Consider another example. You quote a minimum price to your visitor, but your visitor is under the impression that he can get the same products on lower rate from any other shop. Despite quoting a minimum price, your visitor switches to other products or perhaps he even switches to other online stores. There is nothing wrong with the site. All the images, navigation, payment options, color combination, products specifications, etc are absolutely up-to-date, but you still miss customer. Why? Well, the answer is very simple. You did not allow your visitor to compare the prices of the product. Had you, he would have made his decision then and there.

It is quite palpable that business and marketing nitty-gritty can play a big role in the design of your site. It requires lot of efforts as you need to understand things that are the crucial and then organise products portfolios. Strong analytical skills and knowledge of consumer behavior is of great importance.

 In their research paper – When Web Pages Influence Choice: Effects of Visual Primes on Experts and Novices, NAOMI MANDEL and ERIC J. JOHNSON, suggests that even the background pictures and colors of a web page affect consumer’s product choice. They conducted research on both novice and experience visitors and confirmed that online atmospherics in electronic environments could have a significant influence on consumer choice.


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