Flexible Packaging

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Flexible packages are those made from elastic materials – flexible that easily form after filling them with a product. The main material used in production is plastic. To flexible packaging belong flexible films and laminates which are used as packaging of the product and packaging. They are used in retail and food and non-food establishments as well as industrial applications, retail, consumer storage and garbage bags, bags, packaging, shrink and stretch films.

We understand your packaging needs

Constructing the factual sympathetic of packaging is an art. We are your partners in helping you grow your business because we understand your needs better than anyone with our innate sense of your requirements. Discover our versatile packaging solutions.

ENPI Group provides high-quality and timely flexible packaging and labeling solutions for the food and beverage industry from our locations in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Additionally, with our many years of printing experience, we also provide security printing for banking, retail, transportation and aviation.

Containers and cling film

We are the preferred supplier of hot and cold drink cups and lids to the region’s fast food market leaders. This requires continuous adherence to the highest food safety and quality standards, which of course also applies to our wide range of products, from food packaging to plastic wrap.

Plastic wrap is a thin plastic film that is typically used to seal food in containers to keep it fresh for a longer period of time. Plastic wrap, which is generally sold in rolls in boxes with a sharp edge, adheres to many smooth surfaces and can therefore remain airtight over the opening of a container without adhesive or other devices.


Films & bags

Our entire line of specialty and multi-layer film products are designed to meet high-end technical specifications and sophisticated customer needs while ensuring the utmost hygiene for food applications. The ENPI Group supplies Sanac food grade transparent plastic film that keeps food fresh longer. It guarantees hygienic storage, which improves health and is economical in use. It adds shine and luster, delivering the “fresh today” look that is so important to customer appeal. SANPAC stretch film is made using advanced technology, which helps prevent odor transmission to other foods.

Food packaging & hygiene solutions

With a wide product line of over 2000 items, we provide the institutional catering industry with all packaging solutions that help maintain the natural freshness of food products inside. This as well as the safety and hygiene items is delivered by our own fleet of vehicles. Every day you are faced with increasing demands for transparency linked to an increasing focus on the sustainability of resources. You must support your products and meet the growing expectations of consumers to be at the heart of innovation.

You have to contend with the insatiable demand that digitization has produced for verifiable details of sourcing and ingredients.

Harnessing the benefits of our technology puts your business at the forefront of the revolution. Our understanding of key developments allows you to increase production. The ENPI group enables you to face new complexities in the food chain and to control residues, waste and costs. We make your operations safer and more secure to increase brand protection.


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