The Importance of Installing Security Screens for Doors and Windows

With the rise of insecurity in America, homeowners realize the importance of security screens for their doors and windows. It is the right of every individual to feel secure in their home, but it is their responsibility to enhance security. That said, homeowners must make sure that their doors and windows are free from unauthorized access and security screens are the way to go.

Security screens in America and Australia are not only being used for security reasons but for purposes of privacy and energy efficiency as well. With the increased population rates in different areas, privacy has turned into almost a luxury and large city’s are straining their power grids trying to keep up with cooling power. Most apartments and houses are also being built too close to one another, making the lack of privacy an issue of concern. That said, homeowners can use modern security screens to make sure that outsiders cannot see through their doors and windows.

Benefits of Installing Security Screens in Homes and Businesses:

Enhanced Security

As their name suggests, security screens are used to enhance security in both residential and commercial buildings. By restricting access to a building or a house, installing security screens on doors and windows keeps intruders away. Modern retrofitted window and door security screens are built to take a beating. Industry tested to ensure the top of the line anti-theft protection.

Emergency Escape

Windows can act as emergency exits in case of a disaster like a fire. Installation of easy escape security screens not only give you the best protection from break-ins but they also allow for a quick escape in the event of a disaster. Installing a flexible security screen that accommodates for emergencies is better than putting permanent steel grills on windows and doors much like the old method of securing your home or business with steel bars.

A house whose windows are permanently sealed shut with bars can be fatal in the case of a fire or other emergencies. When choosing security screens for your windows, caution must be taken to make sure that they are designed to allow passage in cthese very scenarios.

Protection from Falls

Installing security screens on windows and doors on elevated levels enhances safety in a building and prevents the chances of people and especially children from falling out. Every year there are unfortunate cases of individuals falling out of second, third and higher story windows due to lack of safety measures. 

Protection from Natural Hazards

Some areas are prone to natural hazards such as cyclones and wild fires. Industry tested strong security screens for doors and windows really help when it comes to preventing flying debris from blowing through the doors and windows of your home or business in the event of a cyclone. Security screens taking the blows from flying debris in cyclone-prone areas will reduse property damage costs by saving homeowners from the hassel and financial burden of having to replace broken glass.

On the other hand, people who live in areas prone to wild fires must make sure that their security screens are fireproof and screens that allow for a quick escape. This can be a matter of life and death, especially when flash fires happen and burn through areas in mere moments. 

Energy Efficiency 

Modern security screens not only look elegant and keep your loved ones and valuable safe, giving you the piece of mind you deserve in your home but they also have one more feature to them helping home and business owners keep their hard earned dollars in their wallets. Security screens provide shade in your home or business while still allow the cool breeze to gently blow through. This allows home and business owners to keep their property’s cooler without have to run their air conditioning. This is very valuable for both the home and business owner and for areas such as Southern California where flex alerts during heat seasons are a regular occurance. Cutting back o the usage of higher tiered appliances such as AC units lowers consumers electrical bills and redces the strain on the power grid.

Wind Up

The importance of having security screens on your doors and windows cannot be overrated. They are a necessary investment for both residential and commercial buildings. They increase one’s quality of life by giving home and business owners the piece of mind knowing their loved ones and valuables are protect. They increase property value and save consumers money on home insurance and utilitie costs.

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