Top-notch Email Marketing Statistics Every Business Owner should aware of in 2020

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When your resources are minimal, while starting a company, you want to be sure that you are not sacrificing any of your precious time and money. But the company can’t afford to neglect a method as important as email marketing when it comes to marketing.

But with so many other ways of reaching your clients, why should you still focus on email marketing? Are they really worth it? In summary: yes. 

Email Marketing is a potential and effective method. There is no doubt that a business runs successfully only with the proper management and a bonafide marketing procedure. E-mail marketing was a successful marketing strategy and one of the standard practices of leveraging your business by targeting interested customers. It plays a crucial in incrementing the sales volume too. However, in this context, an email marketing agency should possess thorough knowledge regarding the various statistics of email marketing to invest confidently in the right direction.

Here are some of the key Email Marketing figures that should be remembered by company owners:

1) Email Marketing is potentially rising by three billion successful business owners

A statistical report has been shared by Radication Group in which they have mentioned that the number of email users will increase by up to three billion. Fact email is currently the largest closed social network and has been highly successful for many years. Email Marketing is proved to be the backbone of the digital conversation and provides stability to the business.

2) Email list segmentation leverage the number of subscribers

A survey through Lyris Inc. fetches the results that list segmentation is potential enough to uplift the open rates and waiver the rate of unsubscribed users. Targeted email marketing strategies will raise the open rate by 14.65 percent and the click-through rate will raise roughly to 50 percent.

3) Personalized emails enhance the business caliber

In a survey performed by Statista, it was found that the personalized emails have proven to stand robustly in enhancing the open rates by 18.8%. Personalization outcomes are best illustrated by the travel agency. These emails have always been a matter of discussion and confusion. However, multiple studies and various researches prove that ignoring personalized emails can bring negative impacts.

4) Email Marketing proves worthy in terms of higher revenue generation, especially for Business-to-business (B2B) marketers

Email marketing is reviewed by approximately 59% of B2B marketers as the best marketing platform in the digital fraternity, according to the research results of Emma’s marketing, and generates higher revenue. This method of marketing has acquired a healthier ROI ( Return on Investment) and improved the conversion rate for the company. 

5) Email acts as a better way of communication

It has been found in the key statistics that 86 % of professionals prefer emails as the simplest and most open means of communicating for business purposes. It is very effective, even more so than conversation face-to-face or telephonic conversation. It also brings productive outcomes serving the majority comfortably and responsively.

6) Email is highly effective in educating B2B audiences:: Email marketing, as stated by the Imagination journal, is the third most important source of knowledge sharing and engagement among B2B audiences, led by colleague suggestions and industry-specific thought leaders. That’s why this mechanism is adopted by 93 percent of B2B marketers.

7) 50% consumers purchase via email after getting attracted by the content in the email

According to the survey conducted by Sales Consumers, it is found that almost 59% of Consumers decide to purchase a product after going through a relevant mail. And almost 50% of those consumers purchase products online after reviewing the mail.

8) Emails have become responsive for smartphones too and it is accounted from Mobiles too

The statistics obtained from the Litmus Email State suggest that email marketing has become sensitive over time. and it has its reach to mobile phones too. About 55% of email opens are accounted for in mobile.

9) Emails drive higher sales levels,

Welcome emails are remarkable when it comes to revenue generation. In a WorldStream-shared survey, it was found that email brings 320 percent more revenue than any other promotional email.

10) Emails drive more consumers than before

The information accessed through Convince and Convert says that individuals or companies Those who receive promotional and welcome newsletters spend 139% more on online transactions than those who do not receive mail of any sort. Well, this is a kind of straightforward thing to happen.

Email marketing is a quite potential way to access huge returns from the market. However, an email marketing agency should create a well-balanced and well-organized content for greater lead generation and higher revenue collection. In this context, all these above statistics help you to choose a smarter way to implement your email marketing procedures.


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