7 Thoughtful Gifts for Soldiers and Veterans

Gifts for Soldiers and Veterans

Are you looking for ways to honor the servicemen and women in your life? Do you want to give them something to show your appreciation for their sacrifices?

You’ll want to give them something useful but also commemorative of their hard-earned career.

Don’t fret if you don’t have any idea what to get. We’ve prepared a list of thoughtful gifts for soldiers for you to consider right here. Check out our list below and get the best gifts for the service people in your life today:

1. Commemorative But Useful

When browsing any military gift guide, you’ll often see items with a military theme. Keep in mind that being in the military is a job, a career, not a personality. If someone were to work at a call center, for example, would you want to give them a phone as a gift?

If keeping the theme is an important factor, make sure it’s also useful. Gift them with a pen, bag, tumbler, or carrying case. They can have a military-inspired design but at the same time, they serve a purpose.

A multi-tool or a Swiss knife are great examples. Combat boots and a raincoat are also ideal choices due to their function. 

2. Military Bags

Speaking of purposeful gift ideas veterans appreciate, you can’t go wrong with bags. 

You can start by giving a large camping bag or a travel bag. Most military servicemen, whether active or not, often travel. A good duffle bag or a large camping bag to carry clothes, a hammock, and utilities makes for a great gift. 

Can’t go for something that big? Why not a military-themed backpack with a bunch of functional pockets and compartments or at least a tote bag? They can use these for light travel or when shopping. 

Regardless of size, look for a bag with a bunch of compartments. Military servicemen and women often carry a lot of items. Having a lot of pockets allows them to carry everything in a neat and organized manner.

3. Challenge Coins

Are you looking for gifts a whole military family can enjoy? You should then consider giving challenge coins or a display case for challenge coins. 

Not all challenge coins are the same. There are some you have to earn by winning coin challenges or as memorabilia. Others you can purchase and others still are rare rewards for military personnel. 

However, you can customize and make your own challenge coins. These make for amazing gifts. You can read this article to learn more about designing custom challenge coins.

4. Tactical Watch

You can’t go wrong with giving a tactical watch. These watches not only tell the time but also offer a wide range of additional features. 

Some tactical watches feature a compass. Others feature a tachymeter, barometer, or thermometer. Military personnel needs these features all the time due to the nature of their work.

Of course, make sure that the watch can function underwater, at least down to 100 meters. Not only will this guarantee it works when swimming but it also ensures it won’t break when exposed to heavy rain.

Don’t forget to check if the watch is scratch and shock-resistant. Your soldier relative or friend may have to undergo rough times in the field and these features guarantee the watch won’t easily break.

5. Video Games

It’s no secret that the life of an active-duty soldier or a retired veteran isn’t easy. They deal with traumatic events and difficult work all the time. It’s important to give them something to help relax and keep their mental health in check.

That’s the reason why video games are among the best gifts for soldiers. 

Games can benefit a person’s mental health. They allow a person to escape the real world and feel like accomplished heroes for a time. Online games can allow a soldier to reconnect with friends and relatives half the world away.

It’s best to give games a soldier can take with them. Portable devices like a Nintendo Switch or even an old Sony PSP make for amazing gaming gifts. 

6. Books

Not everyone enjoys video games. Fortunately, there are gift ideas soldiers like that go beyond this. Why not give them a book or a movie they might appreciate? 

You can also purchase audiobooks. These work well when consumed in tandem with a traditional book. They allow a person to read or hear the book narrated, guaranteeing they can finish the book even when busy.

If you want to keep with the military theme, there are a lot of books to try. You can stick with books based on real people and events, such as Band of Brothers and The Good War

Do you want some elements of sci-fi or fantasy? Try books like The Forever War or The Black Company

7. Unit Memorabilia

Some of the best gifts for veterans are those that offer a unique bond or sentimental value. If they served a well-known squadron or company, why not look for something that carries that unit’s symbol, logo, or motto?

These aren’t difficult to find. For example, you can find many caps with the logo of a Navy ship. 

Yes, you might not find everything you want in traditional stores like eBay or Amazon. However, a short trip to a military shop can guarantee a wider selection. Folks at the store could order specific ones for you.

Get the Best Gifts for Soldiers Today

What are you waiting for? Get the best gifts for soldiers right now. There is a wide selection of amazing gifts to give, from books to video games and tactical gear. 

Of course, you shouldn’t stop with gift-giving. Active soldiers and veterans deserve all the support in the world for fighting for our freedom.

If you want to learn about other gifts to give or how things like challenge coins work, feel free to check out more of our guides right here, today!


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