Add the Indian twist to your party outfits with Kanjeevaram sarees!

Kanjeevaram sarees
Kanjeevaram sarees

From Rekha to Vidya Balan, every other actress in Bollywood has graced some award function or a magazine cover in a gorgeous Kanjeevaram saree. Generations old, the magnificent weave always has a tale to sing that many families over the centuries have witnessed. Back in 2018, Deepika Padukone put on the Kanjeevaram nine yards of elegance at her Saraswat wedding rituals and her veil was also in the pure Kanjeevaram weave. 

The Kanjeevaram sarees are the ultimate look for a woman keen on looking her best without being scantily clad. Ages old, yet so refreshing, the Kanjeevaram look goes well with every kind of event and during the day as well as the night. So, you can wear your Kanjeevaram silk sarees everywhere and anytime without worrying about being overdressed or underdressed. 

Let’s find out the history of Kanjeevaram silk sarees. 

The origin of the Kanjeevaram elegance starts from Tamil Nadu where there is a small town or village located called Kanchipuram. This type of silk saree is considered perfect for any kind of festivities or occasions. Although designers are experimenting with the modern style of weaving, the classic weave focuses on producing a thick and solid material that is tinged with metallic (gold or silver) thread used in borders or motifs or even across the edge and body of the saree. 

These sarees are also famous as the Kanjeevaram wedding sarees as they have become a major part of the wedding tradition in Southern India. What a lot of people don’t know is that while Kanjeevaram sarees are made using silk and kora fabric, they are also made with cotton fabric. However, if there were to be awards for the best Kanjeevaram sarees then the best one would definitely go to the pure silk variety as they have grandeur and an appeal that none can resist. 

The Kanjeevaram silk saree has been mesmerizing onlookers for the last 400 years and as a matter of fact, these sarees have also received the Geographical Indication status from the Indian Government.  

How are they made? 

Expert craftsmen use pure mulberry silk in Kanchipuram to weave every single one of these beautiful silk sarees. There is an elaborate process that entails the dipping of the yarns in rice water, after which they are sun-dried. Thanks to this process, the yarn becomes thicker and stiffer attaining strength and texture over time. Then the thread is interlocked with a thin silver wire or zari yarn and later with a gold thread and then the process of weaving is started.

The fabric that is produced after this process turns out to be extremely durable and strong especially when the metallic yarn is put in use. However, this may turn the saree really heavy and make it weigh up to 2 kilos. The best Kanjeevaram sarees are quite expensive too especially when the yarn used is real silver or gold. Gold plated copper is also used in weaving these silk sarees.

To counter the weight issues, synthetic zari is widely used these days which also helps producers cut back on the cost thus dipping the overall selling price. Most Kora and Cotton Kanchi Sarees have synthetic yarns or even cotton ones. These are not only pocket-friendly but also durable and sturdy.

What many don’t know is that the delicate yet ornate pallu and borders are woven independently and then attached to the saree via intricate weaving. The craftsmen do the attaching and weaving so well that it becomes next to impossible to identify that the Kanjeevaram saree was woven in three parts and then attached!

Shopping Kanjeevaram sarees online

Now, the world is shopping online and there has been a major shift to the e-commerce market from the traditional offline market. So, traders and merchants who sold Kanjeevaram sarees have now adapted to the climate and are offering Kanjeevaram sarees online for shopping.

You can purchase silk handwoven sarees of any budget online from trusted resources. There are individual traders with online stores and e-commerce websites dedicated to selling handwoven silk sarees. So, you can choose any of these options and bring a stunning Kanjeevaram saree home for the budget of your choice.


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