An All-inclusive Guide to the Pulangbato Falls, the Red-Rock Waterfalls of Valencia

Pulangbato Falls
Pulangbato Falls

The waterfalls embody serenity! With nothing to hear but the burble of water while feeling the playful caress of the cool breeze, you can just spend hours near the waterfalls. And what if a waterfall has a unique attraction to it? Indeed, you’ll be more curious than ever to visit. The uniqueness of Pulangbato Falls is that the rocky course of the waterfall and the boulders through which the water passes look rustic-reddish.

Locals say that the sulfur content in the water originating from Mt. Talinis (active volcano) dyes the rocks, explaining their reddish color. It is also said that the rocks contain high deposits of sulfur and iron. This is the reason why the waterfall is named Pulangbato; ‘Pula’ is a native word for ‘red’ and ‘Bato’ for ‘rock.’ It is also known as Malabo Falls, due to its location in Malabo barangay in Valencia.

When to visit Pulangbato waterfalls:

The mountainous climate prevailing in the valley makes it a suitable visit any time of the year, but summer is the ideal month to travel to Pulangbato Falls, in view of its location in a flood-prone area. You can book flights to Dumaguete with IEagle anytime between February and August to view the beauty of the Red-Rock Waterfalls at its best! 

Entrance fee to the Waterfalls: 

Adult – 50 Pesos

Child – 20 Pesos

Cottage – 300 Pesos

Guest House -2000 to 3000 Pesos 

What to expect at Pulangbato Falls, Valencia:

The natural chemical reactions sometimes create implausible wonders and accentuate the beauty of Nature! Pulangbato Waterfalls is one such place whose enchantment is mostly attributed to the chemically rich rocks through which the water flows. After all, the elements of nature are just chemical combinations from a chemist’s perspective.   

The waterfalls gushing down the red rocks amid lush-green mountains take your breath away in the first sight itself! It is one of the Twin Falls of Barangay Malabo; and its pair originating from a different source is a crystal-clear cascade against a rocky mountain. The cool water in the pool created by this twin waterfall is ideal for swimming. 

In spite of the much-propagated harmful effects associated with the presence of sulfur in the water of Pulangbato falls, tourists enjoy getting into the pool and chilling out. (See that you do not wear light-colored clothes as they would be stained by water).  Adventure-enthusiasts love to climb up the cliffs and jump into the pool to feel the adrenaline rush. The walk across a hanging bridge to get to the base of waterfalls is exciting too!  

The graceful waterfalls start narrowly, but widen up gradually, taking a triangular shape. They plunge into the basin, and the water stream continues through multiple red boulders of different sizes.  The entire valley is hugged by the dense foliage of surrounding hills and mountains. 

The trail to Pulangbato waterfalls: 

Pulangbato Waterfalls is located in the Ocoy Valley in the town of Valencia, Negros Oriental. A half-hour ride from Dumaguete–Sibulan Airport gets you to Valencia, from where you could hire a motorbike or Habal-Habal to the waterfalls. The narrow and winding route amid thick forest leading to the waterfalls is replete with scenic spots. 

Along the way, you’ll see smoke being spewed from the cracks of the Rocky Mountains. The area (Sulfur Vents of Valencia) covered in the puffs of sulfur steam stuns the on-goers, who would neglect the stinking smell permeating the air, just to capture the pictures of unusually beautiful views (again a result of geothermal activity in a potentially active volcano called Mount Talinis).

As you near the junction leading to the waterfalls, you’ll start noticing streams and rivers snaking through the red rocks. There’s a sign at the junction that reads ‘Red River Valley’ and there you go! Just be extra careful as the road gets rough from here.  You’ll pass through Red Rock Spring Resort to reach the jaw-dropping waterfalls!  

Red Rock Hot Spring:

Round off your trip to the Pulangbato Falls by relaxing in the Red Rock Hot spring, which is just 2 minutes away from Pulangbato waterfalls. The warm water in the man-made pool is sourced from the naturally formed hot springs nearby. The high mineral content in the water is said to have healing effects. But, we can vouch that the relaxing effect once you enter the warm water is immediate! Soothe your stressed muscles and feel refreshed! 

The Red Rock Spring Resort located in the lap of nature provides all the necessary comforts for an overnight stay. You can rent the thatched cabanas. Parking is available and there are quaint cottages, restrooms, shower rooms, a restaurant, and even a guest house. The resort is a perfect stay on your nature trip to Pulangbato Falls, Valencia.

Meta Description: Set out on a nature trip to Pulangbato Falls in Valencia to be bowled over by the beauty of nature and magic of chemical reactions that together created the Red-Rock Waterfalls of Valencia.


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