An Overview Of A Fantasy Hockey Game

Fantasy Hockey Game
Fantasy Hockey Game

A fantasy game of hockey paves way for 11 players to be selected. Now to play the best fantasy hockey game there are some pointers you have to keep in mind. With regards to the forward line up, you can choose a minimum of 1 forward or 3 forwards at the most. Now when it is the case of a midfielder you can choose a minimum of 1 and 3 midfielders. 

This same logic applies when it is the case of defenders as you can choose a minimum of 1 and maximum of 3. Now when the question of a goalkeeper emerges you can only choose 1. As far as the gems allotted it is 1000 in total and you have to choose a team on the basis of that. The star player avails a total of 2 X points extra and the captain 1.5 X. In terms of the team selection, you can choose a maximum of 7 players from a single team. With the number of gems at your peril, you need to be managing your team. This same logic can be applied where you have to choose 11 players from a combination of both the teams.

The bonus

The data is generated from reliable sources and once you go on to make the points as complete. Once you declare the winners no further adjustments are called for. The points that are provided in a live game are subject to change until the status is in review or progress. Suppose if the captain of the team earns points in decimal numbers then we are going to select the upper value of the point. An example is if the captain receives 12.5 points then we rate it to be as 13.

Any player who has started off the game in the playing 11 or has gone on to join as a substitute will not be given negative points in case of receiving, a green, yellow or red card. On the other hand, if a transfer of any player occurs due to unspecified reasons it is not going to be included in the roaster till the point of time the next update emerges. Now between the time frame of a couple of updates, the playing is going to be available for selection to the team they belong. During this point of time no point shall be attributable to the individual.

The scoring pattern

For every goal that is scored by a goalkeeper and a defender, you are given 30 points. When the goal is scored by a midfielder it is 25 points and when it is the case of a defender it is 20 points. For each and every good pass that you make you are instituted to a single point and when it is the case of an assist it is 12 points. Circle penetration and shots on target fetch you 2 points with a penalty corner earned having the same point. When it is a penalty shoot it is 6 points.

From a defenders point of view when it is an interception or tackles, you go on to earn a single point. Even the blocks are expected to fetch you a single point and when a goalkeeper makes a save he is bound to earn 4 points. The best part is that for a penalty saved by a goalkeeper they earn 20 points.

The cards

In a hockey game, there are three types of cards issued. When it is a green card you have to sit out for 2 minutes, a yellow card warrants 5 minutes but still, it is dependent on the umpires and a red card when you are immediately suspended from the game. In a virtual game if a player goes on to receive any type of card a penalty will be levied on the goals that are considered by the team. This is for the goal he concedes after he leaves the team. When a player goes on to receive multiple cards in a game an obvious fact is that he is going to be penalized for all the cards he goes on to receive.


Assists are provided to the players from a goal-scoring team and this means the player who makes a final pass before a goal is scored. This is awarded when it is deemed that the pass was intentional or unintentional. The former points to a chance being created and the latter mean that a player had to dribble a few defenders to take a shot at the goal. Most fantasy hockey games played by incorporating this module. Now if an opposing player touches the ball before the goal is scored or it is the same side then no assist is given.

Now when it comes to finalizing assists the site undertakes calculation on the basis of information that is obtained from other sites. For example in certain sites, they are not going to show an assist when the player has won a penalty. For doubters, the points that are given during a game are subject to change until 5 hours after completion of the game. The moment all the points are updated on the given day then do not expect any adjustments to the game will be made.

Other indicators

When the time is added during a tournament then extra points will be awarded just like a regular game. The winning bonus is given to players who are actually the players of the team that has won. Now when it is a tie no bonus would be given to any team. Finally, if a game enters into penalties then for the goals scored in penalties no points accrue. Even no negative points are dished out to any players. Any event that is subject during the course of a penalty is not entitled to any points. The goals calculation will be calculated for the players who are playing currently and not on the total time frame that a player plays the game.


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