The Growth Of Online Gaming

Online Gaming

Over the last ten years, online gaming has exploded in popularity, with it becoming the favored pastime of many. But what has caused the huge growth in online game usage? And is online gaming only going to increase in popularity? Keep reading to find out.

Increased Levels Of Accessibility 

More people than ever have access to online gaming sources such as the internet and multiplayer gaming systems. Wherever increased accessibility has become available, increases in online gaming have been quick to follow. Online games and their popularity are very often a result of word of mouth between groups of friends, or online reviews. The more people that play the more people want to join in, causing a snowball effect. 

Changes In Gaming Tech

As the tech for gaming has developed over time, the shift has largely been towards online, interactive games being the most popular- just look at the giants that are Fortnite and Call Of Duty, for example. As more people have access to gaming consoles and advancements are made in gaming technology, it is an ever increasingly popular trend that is only expected to increase with time. There have recently been big strides made in gaming tech as virtual reality headsets become available more widely to the general public. These are expected to become more widely used as games are becoming developed more and more for virtual reality and customers have more options to choose from. 

Appealing To The Masses 

Part of why online gaming is such a lucrative industry is due to its ability to appeal to the masses. The buzz of being able to win at games, complete missions, and work as a team with others are all ways of triggering the reward system in the brain, which is what can make gaming so addictive. A release of dopamine after a successful gaming experience brings players back time and time again to seek further thrills. Games that feature regular opportunities to win battles and earn rewards also tend to be the most popular, as they are more addictive. It’s a very human trait to seek opportunities to receive a dopamine hit, so it’s not surprising that gaming is such a widely appealing form of entertainment. 

Online Casinos And Gambling 

Another highly popular pastime for online gaming comes in the form of gambling games. Online casinos have seen huge growth over the last ten years, with more and more people seeking the convenience of online gambling. Members have a wide range of choices not only in online casinos but also in the games they take part in. From online slots, poker, and roulette to betting on sports outcomes and the casino’s own unique games, there’s plenty for members to choose from. Online casinos are having to adapt the games they offer and the bonuses and rewards available for members in order to keep up with their competition. 

The Effect Of Lockdowns On Online Gaming

Recent lockdowns and the need for individuals to isolate in their homes led to more people staying inside than ever before. With this came more need for entertainment to pass the time. Many people sought escapism and the ability to socialize with friends in the form of online gaming, and probably spent more time than ever using it. Could this have affected the popularity of online gaming? It’s likely to. 

The Wide Variety Of Options Available 

Gaming companies are forever seeking to advance the games they create and offer a wider choice for their audiences. Gaming is such a lucrative business and if a company creates a game that proves to be hugely popular, it can be a gold mine. It’s one of the largest growing industries- and is only set to see more growth and prosperity. The increased options for university degrees training students to become the next generation of gaming creators says it all. As more games are created that appeal to different areas of the market, the more online gaming grows in popularity. 

Societal Trends 

It’s very often seen that the most popular forms of online gaming usually create a societal trend, take Fortnite dances for example. People that haven’t ever even played the game might still recognize the name and dance trends that came from it. It’s this power to harness a popular culture that leads to certain games becoming so successful. We’ve also seen an increase in online games using celebrity endorsement on social media. This type of affiliate marketing gives games the opportunity to reach an even wider audience. If fans see their favorite celebrity playing a game, there is a good chance they will also want to play the game themselves. 

Increased Investment 

As the gaming industry grows ever more popular, business leaders are seeing it as a fantastic business opportunity and increasingly pumping investment into it. This increased amount of investment means more funding to develop games, so the online gaming world is only set to go from strength to strength.


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