Tips to Improve your Gaming Experience

Gaming Experience

If you are an avid online gamer, you already know how important it is to create an environment that is just right for gaming and we don’t need to remind you of the importance of hi-spec hardware in order to play the latest games. Here are a few tips from the pro gamers to help you add some positives to your gaming set up.

  • Curved screens – If you want realism, invest in a 3-screen set of curved monitors with an insane refresh rate. The prices are dropping, as the market is flooded with decent quality gaming monitors and if you are into rallying, flight simulators or F1 racing, curved screens are a must!
  • Hardware review – If you experience latency issues, this might be due to below par hardware; you can buy a mainboard for gaming from the leading Thai computer parts supplier who offers the best deals. CPUs, DDR RAM and video cards are all available, while wireless connectivity should be your goal, both with keyboard, mouse or any controller.
  • Ergonomic gaming chair – This is the key to handling long, intense gaming sessions; check out the YouTube gaming chair reviews before placing an order and once you experienced state of the art seating, you won’t want to return to your old unit. The range of 5-star gaming chairs is indeed varied, with some amazing features and wow colors and this is a one-time investment if you make the right choice. If Call of Duty is your thing, click here for tips.
  • Lighting – A small side light to illuminate your table is all you need aside from your screen brightness, which is fully adjustable. The eyes have to work very hard for a few hours of game-on play and the right illumination helps. You could order one of those USB LED lights with a bendy arm if you need extra illumination.
  • Clean your OS often – If you’re running Windows 10 or 11, you need to clean the registry every month and run a health program that will pick up any issues. Windows picks up many invalid paths in the registry and it takes time for the OS to read all of the registry paths, which is bad news for gaming. Search with Google for ‘PC health programs’ and you can choose from a number of free programs, which might contain ads. Run it every week as standard and it will keep your machine in tip top shape. Defragmenting drives is always a good thing to do, as this pushes all the data to one end of the drive, making it easier to read.
  • Download the latest drivers – This is especially important for your VGA card and visiting the manufacturer’s website enables you to download the latest driver software. Check the version to ensure you haven’t already got the latest, then download, install and reboot the computer. This may give you more refresh rate, which is always a plus!
  • SSD – Solid state drives are here to stay and your OS should be stored on an SSD, as well as game software; your computer can read a solid drive much faster than a disk drive and this speeds everything up. Use disk drives to store your data and back-ups and eventually, they will be phased out and SSD will be the only way to go.

When ordering stuff online, your consumer rights are the same as if you purchased in a traditional store and the best prices are always found online.


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