Are PDF’s Optimal for SEO

Pdf files have become very important now a days. Pdf file format is used by billions of people all over the world. If we talk about search engine optimzation(SEO) then the question that arises regarding pdf files is Are pdf files optimal for SEO? Should we use pdf files in our websites? Are pdf files optimizable? Yes pdf files are optimal for SEO and are optimizable. Pdf files are indexed and crawled by search engines. Pdf files can also be compressed by using tools. So in this writing we are going to discuss about the pros and cons of using pdf files according to SEO prespective.


Easy to create: PDFs can be extremely useful for advertisers, particularly those with more modest groups or restricted assets. They’re not difficult to make — simply save your report from Word, Illustrator, and so forth, as a PDF. Official statements, contextual investigations, item information sheets and more can rapidly be changed over to a basically web-prepared arrangement. For those with no HTML programming information, PDFs for certain record types can be a quick method to distribute electronic substance.

Contain Meta Data: PDFs likewise contain meta information, for example, meta keywords and depictions. You can discover and alter the meta data under Properties in the File menu in Adobe Acrobat. While meta information doesn’t exceptionally affect SEO any longer, I like to think about the meta depiction as your chance to create the perfect portrayal that will urge a searcher to pick your site in the SERPs, and I’d preferably compose my own portrayal over have a web index pick it for me.

Contain Indexable content: Maybe the most alluring master of utilizing PDFs is that the substance inside the PDF is  comprehensible and indexable via web crawlers. Notwithstanding, not all PDFs have decipherable substance. To guarantee that the content is intelligible, it ought to be made as text, not as a picture, making it ideal to make the PDF from the beginning project, similar to Word or Illustrator.


Absence of Navigation: Probably the best worry about depending too intensely on PDFs for site content is that PDFs frequently need site route. This implies that when a webpage guest shows up at the site, they have no basic method to arrive at different pages on the website. So if the PDF ends up positioning admirably in natural inquiry and a searcher finds the connection and shows up at the PDF, how could that guest effectively access other substance on your site?

Length of Document: Since it’s so natural to save a report as a PDF record, rarely to separate a PDF into various, more modest archives. For instance, on account of a whitepaper or report, the PDF could go from a couple of pages to many pages. This isn’t actually ideal for SEO sometimes in light of the fact that more extended reports contain more content and frequently numerous themes. This implies that one PDF record, which will compare to one URL, may contain a great deal of substance that ordinarily may be separated into numerous site pages in HTML.

 Absence of Page Organization/Control: Absolutely probably the best advantage of utilizing a substance the executives framework for a site is page association and control. PDFs, notwithstanding, don’t frequently work inside the hierarchical designs of CMS as pages yet rather as downloads. In this way, depending on PDFs as page content isn’t ideal just from a page association and control viewpoint.

Recommendation: After knowing the pros and cons of pdf files regarding SEO I think pdf files are necessary to be putted in sites. Pdf files are optimal for SEO and can easily be optimized. If you want to optimize pdf files for better SEO of your site then must go to is a free online tool that allows you to perform any operations with your pdf files efficiently and as well as it also allows yout to create, convert, compress, edit and share pdf files. is a very helpful, secure and free of cost tool.

Cameron James Connor
He has worked with various business magazines like Business Today Outlook as a freelancer before joining the team. She is an addicted reader of self-help books, fiction, and journals.

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