What Tile Material Is Best For Countertops?

What Tile Material Is Best For Countertops

Do you dream about exciting designs for your kitchen countertops? It starts with the tile material of your countertops! With so many varieties, ranges, and options of tile material for your countertops, you may be confused as to which one you should opt for. Hence, this article will help you understand a bit about each of the tile material and what kind of décor it would be most suitable for. Keep reading about the types of tile materials that we have discussed in this article to know more!


A super popular and exquisite material used for countertops is granite. It is a naturally-occurring stone that comes in a beautiful array of colors. They range from beautiful shades of deep blue to patterned white colors and so on. Once it is developed, it is sealed so that the slab becomes stain-resistant. You also have the option to choose between a glossy finish or a matte finish. They do not easily get dirty and are a perfect first choice for you if your budget can accommodate it.

This is a perfect choice for you if you want a casual or a rustic look to your kitchen.


If you are looking for the features of granite but at a little affordable range, then simply opt for quartz countertops!

They carry the exact look and feel of granite; however, they are slightly easy on the pockets. They are durable and strong; hence this countertop will last you for years in impeccable condition. Quartz countertops are easy to clean and maintain as well, so it’s a perfect choice for your kitchen.  


This material comes in large sheets with a backer-board; this is the reason why it is one of the quickest materials to install in your kitchen. They are super-high quality and sturdy, so it’s perfect for your kitchen countertop. Additionally, they are beautiful as they come in different patterns and colors, you can choose the one which you like the most.

They are great if you are looking for a fun look or for a pop of color to your kitchen.


If practicality is your number one priority, then soapstone is the ideal choice for you. When this material is sealed with mineral oil, it becomes entirely ready to be mounted on your kitchen countertops. Once it goes through this treatment, soapstone requires no maintenance or daily cleaning. Soapstone tiles are similar to concrete tiles, and can be treated and cared for in a similar fashion. Consider concrete tile as an alternative to soapstone if you find it hard to order them in your area. 


Marble is heavy and at the luxury end of materials for countertops. It is resistant to many stubborn food stains such as wine or oil. However, it does require slightly more care and maintenance as marble is prone to scratches.

Thus, these are all the excellent tile materials that you can purchase for your countertops. All the options listed above are aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-maintain, and a great addition to your kitchen. Now that you know these materials are there in the market, you can go ahead and make the right choice for your countertops that will last for years to come.


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