Creation of applications for the optimization of the real estate market

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With over 1000 projects completed, software development has become an area of ​​expertise for PNN Soft. We have implemented desktop and mobile applications, software for various industries, and business areas. Our specialists are qualified enough to create an effective digital product for the real estate industry.

Previously, people reached out to friends and used newspapers as a source of information to find new homes. Now more than 50% of buyers use the Internet. Buyers now have apps that allow them to search for a home by location and area. They save time and money, especially if they are looking for accommodation to move from another city/country using 3D tours or video reviews. Therefore, the real estate industry has been radically changed.

Key Points That Make Real Estate Applications Successful

A real estate agent without a website has very low competitive odds. The typical buyer uses a smartphone to search for properties on the internet. Only 5% of US and Canadian firms do not have a website, compared with 93%. Applications in this industry are adapted for different groups of users, namely, necessary: ​​buyers, real estate agencies, third parties.

Development of mobile applications first for real estate and further successful implementation, primarily based on the primary needs of the customer. That is, “what is this application for?”

Monitoring of the market, prices in the country/region/area or monitoring of developers;

Rent of premises for business or housing;

Viewing real estate objects, using an interactive map, the function of a 3D tour of the object, the number of high-quality images;

Efficiency. An instant offer and notification of the appearance of a property or a potential buyer;

Filtering requirements for real estate search;

Keeping records with partners and clients;

Setting up reporting systems;

  • Availability of internal tools for tracking and forecasting revenue;
  • Information verification, availability of a general register for monitoring market participants;
  • Configuring the security system for the site \ applications;
  • Direct communication and user support;

Consequently, the development of a web application, desktop, or mobile application leads to the need to hire a professional programmer. It is better to build digital products of the real estate industry on cloud platforms, as they provide the ability to store large amounts of information and support dynamic data updates. To store information, images, and visual 3D-realizations of objects, an unlimited amount of memory is required on the server. Finally, web application development depends on the type of product and its purpose.

Real Estate Agency Website

Real estate companies all over the world order the development of a mobile application however, having a web platform is still important. The main question is how to build a web platform and what it needs to include to be relevant. Potential clients and sellers check all the information about the real estate company and the brokers they are going to do business with. Therefore, the web platform should be clear and informative. To make a strong first impression, a web-based real estate platform must work flawlessly and be user-friendly for agents, brokers, home sellers, and home buyers. PNN Soft – best web design Company New Zealand – highlights the essential elements of a successful website in this area. The platform should have several main features such as:

Registration and verification – all market participants must verify their identity. The buyer can obtain the necessary information about agency certifications, work experience, etc. Users must go through confirmation via email or social media. Networks;

Profiles – their features depend on who was registered: buyer, seller, or a third party;

Search Filters the supply market is wide. Homebuyers should be able to filter offers by region, area, price, number of stories, distance from transport hubs, types, etc.

Maps – should contain not only an offer of real estate but also information about the nearest objects, such as shops, gyms, schools, etc.;

Content – photos, videos, local information;

Make sure your platform provides an integrated messenger;

To summarize, it can be said that it is rather difficult to meet the needs of all market groups. Besides, the site can provide any home improvement service for the highest level of relevance. But note that the more complex the web platform is, the higher the cost of developing a website will be. If you want to update the functionality of the website or develop the user interface, you can hire a dedicated team at PNN Soft.

Development of desktop and smartphone applications

PNN Soft, as an application development company, monitors the market and knows what features a property search application should have. Quite often, real estate agencies order the development of a custom desktop or iOS / Android app. In this case, the digital product can be intended both for organizing the offer and sale to the consumer, as well as be internal, and used directly by industry workers.

One of the main tasks of a real estate application is to provide the user with valid information about the available properties for sale so that they don’t miss out on a value proposition or client. Mobile applications for realtors help them manage customer relationships or establish CRM systems, plan a schedule, customize reports, and manage marketing programs. Mobile app development for the real estate industry helps realtors in lead management. Programmers from various software companies provide modern solutions for iOS and Android applications. The profession of a realtor is very dynamic, and the availability of resources to solve problems of market analysis, price audience, and formulation of offers and constant contact with potential clients allows you to incredibly optimize your work. We recently wrote about how much it costs to develop a specialized mobile application. Besides, there are mobile applications that are solely designed to search for home purchases/rentals. In theory, under standard conditions, it would be cheaper to build because the application’s functionality is simpler.

What tools does the software company use?

To meet the needs of the real estate market, developers are faced with various project implementation challenges. Let’s go back to the question of developing a web platform.

There are several steps to achieve this goal, some of which speed up loading times by integrating IDX listing feeds and CRM systems. PNN Soft has extensive experience in CRM and ERP services, see our portfolio for more details.

The audience for real estate applications is quite extensive, including a wide variety of people. Therefore, it is important to take a multi-platform approach where you need Java to develop real estate applications for Android, and Swift for the iOS version.

Desktop custom development for macros X, Windows platforms are popular services and based on 15 years of experience, we provide various business and service applications, advertising applications for goods or services, and of course applications for the real estate industry.

Also, we use the best tools to implement a virtual tour. PNN Soft is a leading augmented and virtual reality development company. Our specialists are quite experienced in advanced AR / VR technologies, as well as create realistic 3D models, high-definition video, and other complex graphic custom projects.

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