Daily Practices To Became A Good Dancer

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5 Simple daily practices to improve your dancing! Anyways, improving yourself as a dancer can be really, really tough. Especially when you’re trying to balance school, work a social life, and/or rehearsals as well. Life get’s busy, so if it gets hard for you to fit in like a full class into your schedule, just do these 5 things every day and become a better dancer. 

#1: Stretch. Stretching is super important to increase flexibility and improve range of motion, and it’s going to help you do more full out movements easier. Stretching also reduces stiffness in your joints, soreness, and also reduces the risk of injury. So make sure that you stretch every single day. Also Read- Stripper Names

#2: Build muscle memory. Ow I cracked my- Oh man…that’s embarassing Cracked him up. Muscle memory involves hammering a specific motor task into your memory through repetition. So if you want to get really, really ridiculously good at a certain move, you gotta do it a lot. Whether this means drilling the 12 point arm wave a million times or doing a piece of choreography over and over again, just get your body used to moving those ways. and the best part about working on your muscle memory is that you don’t have to go somewhere or interrupt your day to do that. 

That’s true!  And take a break from work or studying so that you can just run a drill. Like when you’re getting ready ready or to drive …I mean, don’t You know, be responsible when you’re driving okay hit them folks, not them cars. Also Read- Male Stripper Names

#3: Watch dance videos. But watch with intent to learn, not just be wow’d. And also pay attention to the connection between movements the movements or how certain choreographers or people interpret the music, their performance, execution, you know, all those things. The point is not to understand how dancers are moving, so much as it is to understand how they’re thinking. so you want to get behind the movements and draw inspirations from that so that you can express yourself in your own way. 

#4: Eat smarter. So whether this means meal prepping or planning what you’re gonna eat, or going shopping for healthy snacks taking care of your body is really important for dancers and your diet plays a huge role in that. By the way, have you seen all these vegans in the dance community that are killing it? Like Lyle Beniga’s a freaking vegan. Lyle Bevegan. 

#5: Actively listen to music. Pay attention to different elements of the song like the lyrics, strings, guitars, drums, whatever! I actually really love listening to instrumental songs cause they really help you study the different musical elements. but it’s also really important to just listen to what moves you. find the certain parts of music that you can really pinpoint that makes you just want to groove, get up and dance y’know? So remember! Make sure that you Stretch,  practice muscle memory, watch dance videos, eat better, and actively listen to music. Engrain these 5 habits into your every day and you’ll become a better dancer without even realizing it.


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