Different types of ISO certification


ISO stands for International Standard Organization. It is an independent, non-governmental organization constituting 162 members. It is a mark of ensure quality, safety, and efficiency. For example- If you want to take admission to a school, or college, the college authority will provide an ISO certificate that ensures quality. Or in other sense, if you buy the product, it provides ISO mark at the back that ensures the good quality, and safe to use.

The different types of ISO certification are-

1. ISO 9001

It was published in 1987 and focus on a quality management system. It assures to put a QMS in a better place to prepare good quality goods and services. The customer is the main priority and improvement throughout the organization.

2. ISO 14001

There are many ISO certification services available that assure quality management. ISO 4001 is quite like 9000 and focuses on Environmental Management System. It lay upon the PDCA model to improve their processes timely. 

3. ISO 27000

The other type of ISO certification is 27000. It focuses on information technology. Its main goal is to protect the company’s assets and provide security. Under ISO 27000 there are two popular standards; management systems and technical documents. 

ISO 27001 is best for the organization that is looking for customization.

4. ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is beneficial for the organization of the food chain. It focuses on the development and implementation of the food management system. ISO 22000 connects with food, restaurants, and drinks. 

ISO 22001 meant for food and drink and ISO 22002 is meant for food manufacturing.

5. ISO 50001

ISO certification companies in India also focuses on ISO 50001. It is meant for the companies that place the Energy Management System as the highest priority to use the energy efficiently. They try to reduce energy by eliminating greenhouse gas and energy cost.

6. ISO\TS 16949-

It is the oldest standard that belongs to the automotive industry. The certification is necessary for today’s era, especially in tier-one cities. It focuses on avoiding errors and defining the production, manufacturing units. 

Under ISO\TS 16949, TSA stands for Technical Specification and thus, has a huge impact on the automotive industry.

7. ISO 13485

ISO 13485 belongs to medical equipment. It focuses on the health industry and tries to put QMS in the position of medical devices and equipment. It relies on ISO 9000 to show the organization is capable enough to do business with.

8. ISO 31000

To avoid the risk this standard was formed. ISO 31000 was first published in the year 2009. It assures various organizations to look at the threats before they occur. 

ISO 31000 has a great emphasis on the risk management systems to mitigate the risk as far as possible.

9. ISO 26000-

The 8 years back ISO 26000 was formed and concernedSustainability Management System. It is relevant for all members from organizers to caterers. It applies at any scale from school music festival to college festival to large Olympics.

Hence, different ISO has different standards and applies to non-governmental organizations. These change according to the requirements of environmental, social, and technology affairs.


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