Discover 7 most amazing tourist spots in Gozo

Discover 7 most
Discover 7 most

Do you want to visit a place in the Maltese archipelago that has the perfect mix of bustling urban centers and secluded beaches? If you do, Gozo is the right place to go. The island has many caves, historical sites, and rocks, where you can roam as well as see quaint villages, restaurants, and hotels where you can stop and relax. Get your United Airlines flight tickets booked by United Airlines Reservations.

To make your Gozitan holiday more meaningful and memorable, we list here 7 attractions you should visit and what to do when you get there. The best way to ensure that you can travel to most of the attractions listed above in a day is to either buy a hop on a ticket or go to tuk-tuk for a more fun mode of transport. You can reserve your seat online or talk to a tour provider upon arrival at the larger terminal.

1. UNESCO Listed Glorious Neolithic Temples

What to expect: Hope to be impressed! Ggantija Temples are among the oldest freestanding monuments in the world, making it one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. And the origin of the site has an interesting story. Legends say that the monuments were built by the giants as it is evident in the huge stone slabs used for its walls.

What to do: Wear durable shoes and go on a walk to take lots of pictures of these ancient monuments. The site is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Sunday, and tickets are priced at € 9.00 for adults and € 5.00 for children, including side trips to Ta Kola Windmill.

2. Picturesque Dwejra Bay

What to do: Go on a driving tour that will take you to the submerged arches of the famous Azure Window. You can also travel to other popular diving areas such as the Blue Hole and the Inland Sea. Spend some time snorkeling in the area around Fungus Rock to see some shallow-water marine species of the Mediterranean Sea.

3. Ideal Ramla Il-Hamra Beach

What to expect: Be amazed at the steep cliffs and long stretches of coastline along the sandy and largest coastline of Gozo. The beach is dotted with colorful lounge beach chairs and umbrellas.

What to do: Unwind and relax! Sit on a lounge chair and sip a glass of cocktail with a plate of healthy Mediterranean food.

4. The Historic Nadur

What to expect: Open your heart and mind for interesting history lessons. From 1530 to 1798, Malta’s patron served the fortifications of Nadur as the watchpoint of Malta.

What to do: Prepare your camera and head for the Tenkuna Tower, the highest point in the village, to take a panoramic view of the surrounding valley. Visit the Baroque style of the 18th-century parish church and learn the religious traditions of the island.

5. Medieval hilltop city of Victoria

What to expect: Nestled in a citadel and situated at a high altitude, Victoria gives you a real feel for the cultural influences of Gozo. The city has Neolithic structures and Baroque architecture.

What to do: City tour option for visiting more than one historical site in Victoria. The main attractions for the visit are the Archaeological Museum, Our Lady of Assumption, the Cathedral of the Comarcation, Old Jails, St. George’s Basilica, and the Folklore Museum. Full-day and half-day tours are available, costing around € 18.00 – € 35.00.

6. Kent Seaside Village of Marshall Born

What to expect: Expect a full-gastronomic treatment!

What to do: Look for a fishing tour provider to see how you can catch your fish. You can cook them to your liking and serve hot with other traditional Maltese such as pasta and lumpuki pie.

7. Celebration of Xlendi coastal village

Xlendi is the epitome of a typical Gozitan village with steep hills, small streets, and restaurants serving locally sour and prepared foods.

What to do: As a fishing village, you can go on a fishing and island hopping trip. Visit Xlendi Bay and dive into its waters to see endemic and migratory marine species. You can also explore the huge rocks around and swim in its turquoise waters. The region also has an abundance of seafood.

Final Thought

To find suitable accommodation be sure to visit United Reservations, where you can leave your things before starting your tour. Remember, many local and foreign travelers can testify that a day or two in Gozo can make your Maldives holiday a memorable one.


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