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Fishing is a hobby for many, but some make it a way of living by spending extended times in dock. Edgar Hansen is also one of the well-known deck bosses, engineers, cook, and many more.

Hansen rose to fame after being part of the reality show Deadliest Catch. But besides that, there has been more about him that is hidden and not available openly. Here we will provide everything to be known with ease.


Edgar Hansen was born on 14th January 1971 in Seattle. The name of his parents is not known to the general media. It is not entirely surprising as the man grew to fame rapidly.

Edgar holds the American nationality along with the mixed ethnicity. The zodiac sign falls under Capricorn.

Age and Height

Hansen is 49 years old as of now. He stands at a pretty good height, and the skills held by the man are pretty helpful for him to gain overall success. The fisherman stands at the height of 6 ft and weighs 79 kgs.

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His tall height is pretty helpful when it comes to the phase of reach and strength. Edgar is not all sharer of the information but loves to hide the valuable ones to himself.

This individual’s vital body statistics is not known to the general media. Other than that the shoe and dress size is also hidden. However, the muscular body looks outstanding. Nonetheless, the brown eyes and hair of the same color also look charming.

Early Life

Hansen was born in Seattle and spent his childhood there with the closed ones. The name of the family members might not be known, but one thing is sure they all hailed with a hunting background.

His grandfather, along with the brothers all are professional hunters. This suggests the fact that his life was set on to do the same role.

In the case of educational background through accurate information is not known. Sources claim that the man was not much educated. But the accuracy of the report is hidden.


Edgar is a licensed professional hunter who has been part of this field for over three decades. His achievements as the hunter are known to the worldwide audience with ease.

 Hansen started the fishing career at the age of 18. In the initial days, he was very careless and wasn’t more into taking matters into his hand. Slowly the maturity came in the man, and the future looked bright.

Hansen’s brother was promoted to higher roles and than Edgar received the role of the cook where he shows the class. Things were going slow for the man when Deadliest Catch happened to him.

As the name suggests, this show was one of the toughest tasks which the Hansen family performed with ease. The show was premiered in the Discovery channel. The debut for the show was seen in 2005 which has gone over 15 seasons.

In the ninth season, Edgar’s siblings joined the crew in the quest of catching the blue king crab, and things went pretty dangerous with time. The actor was part of the show for the first 14 seasons.

Going along with time, Hansen suffered from degenerative spine conditions that made him difficult to perform the regular works. There was a time when he was not part of the show.

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Edgar Hansen Wife

Edgar Hansen is talented, hardworking, and married. The dashing fisherman is married for more than two decades which is a matter of great understanding between the pair.

The name of the lucky lady is Louise Hansen. Both of them dated for an extended period before walking down the aisle in 1995. It was an auspicious occasion with only the family and friends present.

From the marriage though, the couple bore three kids, and they are pretty good at fishing skills too. It’s not surprise that Louise is the first and only love of the man.

It has been 25 years since they are together and the presence of no rift results to the pair being there for each other forever.

Net Worth| How Much Does Edgar Hansen Earns?

Edgar is a simple man who knows the necessary skills of life that helps him to lead a healthy life. Deadliest Catch came to the man as a blessing and made him famous overnight.

As being the TV personality, his net worth reads at $700k. All of this the result of the earning from the famous show on the Discovery channel. Well, one after another his bar for fame is increasing.

When the actor is free, he loves to spend the time in the sea and also enjoys doing that. If anything in the annual income and assets owned comes out, readers will be made aware.


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